Monday, January 10, 2011

A Most Welcomed Visitor

he came about ten last night
banging on our door
come out, come out!
he cried

and so we did

hubby and i went out to greet him
amidst a whirlwind of white
 our faces turned upward
snowflakes landing softly upon our faces  
our cheeks cold to the touch
 yet a feeling of rosy warmth inside

the children within
totally invigorated
lovin' every minute
of our visitor's willingness to play with us

come morning
the footprints left behind just hours before
 had been put to bed with a thick white blanket by our brief visitor
leaving only a hint of their existence
lying beneath 

bitterly cold air
 danced below dismal skies
dropping tiny pellets of ice upon me
 but, i clicked away
to capture a bit of the magic that had come to visit us
the night before

 here are a handful to share with you....

it might not get above freezing for a few more days
so hopefully there will be more opportunities for snow shots
maybe even some with a touch of the sun's rays

join us on Wednesday for this week's word ~ S O A R