Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Word Wednesday ~ Free

Last week I took inventory and realized that One Word Wednesday hit the four month marker
I had no idea!

 i find myself each Wednesday surrounded by an intimate group of blog friends
 and the feeling i get when it comes around every week
can be compared to sitting down with close friends, sharing a pot of tea (or wine) and having a good chat
i have looked forward to seeing what everyone has had to say each week
about a single word that was chosen the week before

but this week's word


(which only came to me when I put together last week's post for "Soar" and "Free Bird" came to mind)

was different

it prompted me in ways that both surprised and excited me

but that's what being free is all about, isn't it?

just one word opened the doors of creativity for me
and has led to some exciting changes for our weekly get together!

no longer will we be bound to discuss just one word
in fact we won't be bound to discuss one of anything
it will totally up to you to bring discussion to the table and what it will be about

the exciting change,
 the change that will tie our Wednesday chats together with a tiny little bow
will be a "PROMPT" instead of a word.  
And, the prompt will come in various forms and mediums
and you'll be free to interpret them in any way, shape or form you choose.

you will be "free" to exercise your creativity to its fullest!

Each week, whatever the prompt,
take time to examine it.
something in the prompt will speak to you
it could either hit you immediately or it might take a bit of time
it might be a feeling, a memory or a thought that was evoked the instant you saw it
or something that stayed with you afterwards
it could even be just the tiniest part of the prompt
that spoke to you the loudest

but, whatever it is that prompts your post
it will be interesting for us all to see the variety of interpretations
and, in turn, the individual posts that will be created from them each week.

So, this post on "Free" will seamlessly lead into our new weekly Blog Hop....

which starts off next Wednesday (1/26) with the following song by Seal

 watch :: listen :: feel

(unfortunately, you will probably have to endure a commercial on the first viewing)

but for now...
give us your meaning of this week's word "FREE" by joining our Blog Hop!