Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PROMPT ME! Wednesday


to the first week of 

where one prompt produces free flowing expression from blog to blog!

Choose your medium... 
 words ::  music :: photography  
or anything your creativity stirs up! 

However the prompt moves you ~ go with it!
there will be no wrongs or rights

 ~ it's all about expression  ~

The first prompt is the following video by Seal 
(there is a more risqué video including his wife Heidi Klum.  If you would prefer to get your inspiration from that one, click HERE to view)
which was presented in last Wednesday's post.
Hopefully, you have given it some thought and are ready to offer up a post
but if this is your first visit, don't fret
the Blog Hop will be open all week,
so take your time.

The prompt is just that, a prompt, something to hopefully get your juices flowing
watch :: listen :: feel
it could be the smallest segment of the video that speaks to you
or an overall feeling
as I said, nothing is right or wrong
the more variety of expression in the Blog Hop 
the more interesting it will be!

Whenever you're ready.... jump on the Blog Hop below!

now, for my take on the video....

I'll be honest, I had a bit of difficulty with this one
even though I chose it.
I listened many, many times to the song, which I find absolutely luscious
I adore Seal and his husky voice
but the only thing that kept coming to mind
was the obvious....


and it's not because I can't keep them
because I can
if someone entrusts me with a secret
I won't tell a soul
(with one possible exclusion ~ hubby ~ depending on the confidentiality)

no, the real reason I don't like secrets
is because I'm a pretty open person

take the age old saying....
what you see is what you get
and you've got me

if the secret is due to protecting someone from undue worry or an upcoming surprise, then no problem
but, other than that, I'm probably more of a mind to convince the person it shouldn't be a secret 

so, how do you feel about secrets?

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