Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Blue(m)s & FF Answers

I haven't done a Mosaic Monday in awhile and I've missed doing so, so I decided to start it up again.  They're fun to create and a way to showcase several photos at once, be it the same subject matter from different angles or a variety of images that tell a story when put together. The camellias in this mosaic are actually pink and blooming in our yard right now, but when I uploaded the images, the color just didn't do anything for me. So, I decided to see what they looked like in black and white and with a couple of tweaks on the contrast they just popped!  

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Now, for all of you who participated in the last Friday Five, here are the answers to the Jumbles:

1. Safe Landing
2. Chrysanthemum
3. Pecking Order
4. Deep Sea Fishing
5. Lilliputian

Congratulations to the following 6 players who guessed all five correctly!

Dave H. (blogless)
Nonnie @ Hysterical Raisins

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And don't forget about our first PROMPT ME! Wednesday!
I am looking forward to some interesting discussions!

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If you have tried changing your header in the past few days, you might be experiencing problems with blurriness in the uploaded image.  Blogger is apparently having technical issues with this function.  To by-pass the technical glitch, I used Photobucket to get an URL for my image (the Direct Link option), then used the URL option in the header box to upload the image.  It works fine.