Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Bird a Nest, The Spider a Web, Man Friendship

this quote had me thinking all week
how are they all connected?

the bird creates a nest for her young ones
the spider creates its web for food
and man creates friendships for companionship
so how do each tie in with one another

it had me stumped
so i went googling
(or as some might put it ~ i cheated)
and i found a very interesting interpretation
i'm not sure it's the official meaning of the quote
but it sounds good to me

The quotation by Blake subtly hints at both the aspects of friendship. Friendship can be positive and nurturing like that of a bird's nest. Its often like the safe and secure home of birds where the newly hatched chicks are protected and taken care of by the parent birds till they are old enough to fly away.  However, friendship also has a negative side to it. At times friendship can become exploitative, selfish and mean. A person can be trapped by emotional blackmail in unfulfilling and unhappy relationships without knowing how to extricate himself. He is now like the victim which the spider has caught in its web to prey upon.  Blake, being the genius of poetic compression has very pithily presented both aspects of  'friendship' in as few words as possible.

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