Monday, February 7, 2011

Cruisin' with Picnik

As I've mentioned in the past, I love using Picnik editing software
Since I am just learning Photoshop Elements it is still quite time consuming 
which I know will improve as I become more comfortable with the program,
but for now, there are days when I want to edit a photo and time is of the essence.

In my last post dedicated to Picnik, I posted about isolating color.
This time I want to talk about Cloning and Layering
Cloning has several uses, but for now I just want to focus on removing unwanted objects.
We all have them...those shots we love, but darn it! Why did those stupid power lines or that ugly dead bush or that kid crying in the background have to be there?  Well, with the clone tool you can salvage those situations. 

See those three obnoxious signs in the photo below (2 For Sale Signs and 1 Truck Sale Sign)
Well, look again up above! Not a sign of them!

the original of the above edited image

Editing Tools I used:
1. Black & White: Converted the image totally to B&W but left a hint of color on the chrome areas
2. Clone: I removed all the signage.
3. Layers: I applied Kim Klassen's Celebrate January texture
4. Vignette ~ I applied a subtle vignette around the edges.
5. Text: I did not use Picnik. I applied text using Picasa only because Picnik doesn't allow you to use your own fonts (one negative for Picnik)

If you use Picnik but have never used these particular tools,
or if you have never used Picnik and would like to learn,
 here are two simple tutorials
(both cloning and layering are part of the upgrade for $25.00 a year and worth every penny!)

So, go ahead and try these tools out if you haven't already done so, I know you'll have fun with them!