Sunday, February 6, 2011

Focus52 ~ Framed

This week our prompt is 
Framing is an important element in every shot 
and I always think about it whenever I shoot
sometimes (err...many times)  I end up having to crop the image to help with the framing
but I do always have it in mind when I take the shot
I still don't know the exact parameters of my camera....I need to work on this!

Sometimes the frame of an image is so subtle you might not even realize one is there
but if the composition makes your eyes focus on the
a certain subject or subjects within the image
then the photographer has done their job
Other times, specific framing helps achieve that goal
In this image, I chose not only a texture to frame the bottom and top of the photo
(Kim Klassen's Magic Edges)
but also applied a subtle vignette along with adding text

thanks for stopping by!