Sunday, February 27, 2011

The House that Jillsy Built.....

one of my sister-in-laws is a master gardener
somewhere along the way she began building fairy houses
and hers are quite amazing

it might be child's play
but the child at heart never stops creating

so, she challenged me to build one
and, i did ~ this afternoon

my back might punish me in the morning
but today i had fun

i call this one fairy tiki hut
it resides next to one of our backyard benches 
at the base of a tree

it was built with
:: :: ::
 dead hosta stems
:: :: ::
clumps of pine needles
:: :: ::
flimsy dead leaves from a back yard perennial
:: :: ::
:: :: ::
pine cones
:: :: ::
dead stems from mexican heather
:: :: ::
nandina berries
:: :: ::

i might just decide to build more
since our backyard seems to be a wonderful environment for them
and they're wonderful subjects for my macro lens!