Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PROMPT ME! ~ My Cup of Tea

P o u r   Y o u r s e l f    a   C u p . . .

then pull up a comfy chair and join us for this week's Blog Hop.  

This week's topic is all about cups of tea.

Not necessarily an actual cup of tea, but maybe something like...not being able to walk past
a shoe store without your feet stopping dead in their tracks and screaming "take us in, take us in!"
You know....those kinds of cups.

maybe sharing your favorite china collection with us or that cute tea set you got from
your grandmother or the adorable mug you always use that your 5 year old son made
for Mother's Day.  

Cups of tea come in all shapes and sizes and always come attached with memorable stories.

So, give it some thought.  You have all week.

We'll be here waiting!

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