Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Cup of Tea

m y   c u p   o f   t e a

happens to be English 
and begins with my husband

no one can be more into tea than an Englishman
and because I'm married to one
I have learned all about the healing powers a simple cup holds

it can melt away
a frantic day
solve the world's problems
just by taking a sip
and holding the warmth of the cup in your hands

if you've never tried it
do so
and you'll see 

since i suffer from kidney stones
i have to watch my intake
actually, i shouldn't even drink it at all
but i love it
i have it weak, with milk and sugar
and, of course, a biscuit (cookie)

the tea set pictured above
was a wedding gift from hubby's family
and drinking from it
makes tea-time extra calming
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