Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Treasured Gift

early on in mr. jg's and my courtship, 
one saturday we took a drive with some friends up to the northern hills of georgia
 and went gold digging
gold digging, you say?
  I see you with your noses all wriggled up, gold in georgia?
yep, ya didn't know that did ya?
and it comes straight out of a bucket

back then (in the dark ages of the early 90's)
it would only cost you five bucks a bucket
 and in return you received a full bucket of wet dirt and sand
just like in the good ol' days of gold mining
but none of that stuff like having to go down into some dark cave

nope, just a bucket and a sifter under a wooden shelter
and if you were lucky
after about ten or fifteen minutes of sifting
 you might find yourself some slivers of gold

well, wouldn't ya know it?
it was our lucky day and both mr. jg and me found ourselves some georgia gold!

we were given a couple of little vials to keep our precious finds safe
i took mine back to my apartment and displayed it proudly on a shelf

a couple of weeks went by
and mr. jg showed up in my office one afternoon
he told me to close my eyes
he took my right hand 
and i felt his hand slip something over my pinkie finger
when he told me to open my eyes
 there it was, the cutest little gold ring
 glistening right at me

i was a bit confused at first because of its unusual design
but it didn't take me long to figure out where it came from
little did i know he had used both my vial and his to create it
somehow he had nipped mine without me realizing it

to me, that ring symbolizes our relationship
i wore it, faithfully, on my pinkie finger up until two years ago when i broke my wrist
and the doctor had to remove it
not only had my finger gotten slightly larger over the years
but with a broken wrist and a swollen hand, it was nearly impossible to get off
it took a piece of string, some lotion and lots of patience, but he finally removed it
unfortunately, i haven't been able to wear it since

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