Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby...the Rain Must Fall

after last week's glorious sunshine and warm temps
we've been drenched in rain
 practically thrown out of bed from violent rolling thunder
high winds
and much cooler temps

thank goodness we haven't had a frost
after all that back breaking work of tilling the soil and planting
i would have been fit to be tied
if that had happened

but, as the song goes...
baby ~ the rain must fall
so all those buds
 just waiting to burst
can come out and play

here are few more snippets of color teasing us around the hacienda 
azaleas ~ the queen bee of spring

a little phlox to brighten up a garden path
although, they're all shriveled up at the moment from the weather

these glorious petunias better show me some love
and multiply because they are beauties!

I just had to purchase more storage space
from google to continue to post photos!
Has anyone else had that happen?

More color to come in April with our next challenge!
details April 1st!