Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Color...Where for Art Thou?

last week's weather brought us southerners outside
  new growth twinkling in sunlight on  our backyard garden dwarf japanese maple 

 a loropetalum bush throwing a pink party in our side yard

okay, roll up the sleeves, it's time to play in the dirt!

a trip to Home Depot
a truck bed, ready and waiting

oh color, where for art thou?
i'm needing me some color

here we go...
a couple of these here blue salvia
believe it or not....straight out of the camera!

ooh...lookie here at this delicate pink number
 pink columbine with their heads hanging low
take a look inside...oh good, they're not crying i did play around a little with this was begging for it!

and let's get a few silvery artemisias  (also known as wormwood)
these grow up into big lace-like silvery mounds

and a couple of these blue babies to reside near our pond
don't ask....i can't remember the name and i threw out the container.  duh.

more next time!

:: :: :: :: ::

and for those who were curious about the Puzzle of the Day....
surprisingly, it's not broccoli
which was the most common guess.
it's the ever so lovely tree pollen
that is now showering down upon us
and dusting everything in yellowy-green. 
 i believe this particular culprit
comes from our sweetgum trees.