Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Painted Daisy Club

Beth started it
she's the one
over HERE
with that totally 
awesome sweater

i was jealous
and had to have me one
so a few days later
one showed up in my mailbox
it didn't fit right
i cried a little
then I wrote to Jenny
who is a doll
Beth was right
no problem, she says
we'll fix you up right

in the interim
apparently had to have herself one as well
and was looking totally awesome in her new sweater
take a look HERE

then my new one arrived yesterday
all smiles
in love
so much so i had to wear it out to dinner 
in weather that was probably more suited for no sweater at all
especially wool
but it feels to cozy
and it looks so awesome


doesn't three
qualify for a club?

if you would like to become a member
visit Jenny at
and you will look totally awesome, too
(not that you don't already)

 Only 15 More Portraits Needed on the Tweeter Board in the next 5 days ~ Please help us get there!

now for a little fun...

you can leave your guess in the comments
 and i will give you the answer in my next post