Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PROMPT ME! Tweets Around the World

l e t 's   t w e e t!
a r o u n d   t h e   w o r l d
but not of the twitter kind


C H A L L E N G E 
between now and March 31st
let's see how many tweeters (birds) we can collect
 in the Tweets Around the World Tweeter Board!

Over the past week or so, the birds have been tuning up for their upcoming season
even as i type, a rehearsal is in full swing outside my window
it's more like a cacophony right now, but hey, it is a rehearsal
they've also been taking turns bathing all that winter grime off their feathers
to show off their colorful springwear

so, for my next prompt I was thinking...
What a perfect time to take some portraits!

but this time it's for an entire month
and it's all about photography (bird photography, that is)
but don't worry about having some fancy camera
just don't leave home without one
and be on the lookout for some cool Kodak bird moments!

Here's the scoop on how to enter a tweeter portrait into the Tweets Around the World Tweeter Board:

1.  Photos must be taken between now and March 31st (give or take a few days, I'm pretty easygoing)

2.  One bird species per photo (mosaics of one species would be great as well!)  

3.  No blurry portraits (birds must be clear and identifiable or will be given the boot!)  Artful and enhanced
     photos are fine, in fact, bring 'em on!! 

4.  Once a portrait is proudly displayed on the tweeter board, no more of the same guys can share the glory.
     (ie. once a robin is on the board, no more cardinals)  UPDATE:  if male and female are
     substantially different in looks, both can be submitted separately.

5.  You may submit as many different portraits as you like.

6.  Submissions do not have to be in the form of a Blog Post.  Photos are totally acceptable. Just use an
     image hosting site to get an URL such as flickr, photobucket or postimage.org.  But...remember, with
    flickr we can all make comments!

7.  Include the following information, either directly on the photo itself or in the Linky or Flickr caption:
a. Type of Bird (species)
if you can't identify it and it's not on the board, still submit it because someone might know what it is
b.  Portrait location (ie. city, state, country)
c. Photo date
d.  Photographer (your Name/Blog)

And, one more thing....
Since this is not a Blog Hop in the traditional sense, you'll probably like to do one of the following:

A.  Create one post of your own to introduce the Tweeter Board along with the rules to start the ball rolling (you are more than welcome to copy and paste this entire post if you'd like), and then add the Tweeter Board to your post by grabbing the What's A Blog Hop - Get the Code Here code when you submit your first portrait.

B.  Grab the Tweet design above and put it in your sidebar for the month of March with a link to either your own post or this post.

C.  Both A & B.

I highly suggest Option C because that way your viewers can link up directly from your blog without having to come to mine.  The more participation, the merrier. Let's make this Tweeter Board huge!

oops...i just thought of something else...
The person who submits the most accepted portraits will receive a little something from me!

I'll get the ball rolling by adding a portrait I took last week (I did say give or take a few days) through my kitchen window.

most of all.....H A V E   F U N !!

T W E E T S   A R O U N D   T H E   W O R L D   T W E E T E R   B O A R D