Monday, March 21, 2011

A Showering of Cherry Blossoms

if you were here for my last post
i mentioned the unseasonable warm temps we experienced
on the last days of winter

then comes the first day of Spring
 and we're back to normal

c o o l
o v e r c a s t
w i n d y

a dramatic shift from the day before

but when it comes
to the colors of Spring
we're kicking into full gear

here's just a sampling
from one of many, many Yoshino Cherries
that adorn our southern landscape this time of year

and even though there are still plenty of blooms holding tight to their branches
there were just as many falling victim to the strong breezes
and showering the sky in soft white petals

until they came to rest in soft, pillowy channels

all images are straight out of the camera