Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to Wake Up....

over the weekend
i decided to do some gardening
 since the weather was just

on a side note...
isn't it funny how grass decides to grow thick and solid
in areas you had no intention of it growing
but where you dream of having a thick green velvety lawn
you get bare spots galore?

well, the task at hand was to pull all those new tufts of grass
that were growing proudly in one of our landscape beds through about five inches of mulch,
as well as from a cement splash box...good grief,
when i came upon, what I thought was, a dead something
a little dead something that didn't make it through the winter
and had been buried under the muddy earth i had just yanked up

oh honey!
i yelled
come over here!
(not wanting to touch it, being the city girl that I am)

what is that?
is it a frog?

hubby flips over the limp body
it had been laying on its backside
 all muddied and exposing a yellowish tummy
yep...it's a little frog...probably a tree frog

is it dead?

don't know
he keeps prodding it

it moves
but only a little

it was probably hibernating

i question

yes, frogs hibernate
who would a thunk (not a city girl for sure)

oh, he's cute!
let me go get my camera

he was a great subject
didn't move one bit
not a fraction of an inch
not even a blink

i think he was still in a daze
from being so rudely awakened

he was maybe the length of my thumb
cute little guy

after the photo shoot was over
i went back to gardening
but when I checked back a few minutes later
he had left, probably to find another resting spot 
which might have ended up being in a trash bag 
but hopefully not