Friday, March 11, 2011

Variety on a Scene

This week's Project52 prompt is


A variety of options flowed through my mind throughout the week
but when it came down to making a choice as to which way to proceed with my post
one image, of the many I took throughout the week, kept waving at me

original image with a few extra limbs before being cloned out

so I decided to stop and stare at it for a few minutes
hoping an idea relating to variety would pop instantly into my head

and it did

the original image of barren tree limbs against a gray sky, dramatic within itself,
 made me think of the variety of scenes that same image would offer at different times of day

and with that thought in mind
i decided to play with textures

i love playing with textures, give me an excuse (even if it is myself) and I'll run with it

you'll need to put your abstract glasses on for this


variety on a scene
a day in the life of a tree
twilight to twilight
from top left to bottom right (going vertically)
dawn, sunrise, morning, noon, sunset, dusk

click image to enlarge

See It?

Thank you, Jan, for the weekly prompt!