Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Learned Today.....

 I, Jillsy Girl, am not a jewelry photographer,
 and I now have a new admiration for anyone who is.

I discovered this lack of skill/talent this morning
 when I received my prize from Kelly @ The Blue Muse
 of the most adorable and dainty silver heart-shaped earrings

I was all prepared (in my mind) to show them off to you
 along with the delightful card and gift bag they came in.

after spending way, way, way too long
trying to capture an image that would do the earrings justice
i had to hang it up and resort to showing you Kelly's image instead
i totally admire you, Kelly!

(I need to go find myself a bird.  I think nature photography will have to be my thing for the time being.)

see how this image shows off the silver with soft shadows, perfect lighting and great detail?
well....let me tell ain't very easy to do!!

thank you so much, Kelly, i will love wearing them!

please visit Kelly's Etsy Shoppe to see more of her goodies!
her jewelry makes great gifts, even if they are just for yourself (wink,wink)

now, one more thing while I'm at it....
you know the Tweeter Board that's supposed to be from around the world?
well, so far it only goes as far as half the United States
I know there must be some out there!  Bring 'em on!