Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When the Mind Wanders....

this morning's view from my office window of our backyard shed

When in the shower
sometimes my noggin takes unexpected vacations
to places which, in and among themselves, boggle the mind
how did I get here, I ask myself
one second I'm just enjoying the warmth of the shower spray
the next... I'm on some mind trip to crazy thoughts

This morning's shower brought me to blogland
okay, that place is not so far away and not so crazy...well, on second thought
but when I stepped in the shower
 my thoughts were totally on getting in and out quickly

So where did I go...I hear you ask?

This is where....

Blog Likes:
1.  Short posts (too many to visit for in-depth reading)
2.  Entertaining posts (can be a bit longer if my interest is peaked piqued* in the first sentence)
3. Great photography (duh)
4.  Humor
5. Learning something (curious minds like to know)
6. Travel posts

Blog Dislikes:
1. Long posts (kinda goes hand in hand with #1 on the Like list)
2. Posts about mundane activities (unless something fits into #2 on the Like list, in which case, I guess it wouldn't be considered mundane.) 
3. Music behind the scenes (sorry, but I normally shut it off because I need silence when I'm reading)
4. Hard to read fonts

So, there you have it...
Jillsy's morning's mini shower vacation
 (hmmm...should this post be considered a #2 Dislike or #6 Like?)

So, tell me....what are some of your blog likes and dislikes?

*Thank you Lynette @ Imagination Lane for bringing the incorrect usage of peak to my attention.  I knew when I wrote it, it didn't seem correct!