Friday, April 1, 2011

April Challenge ~ Color My World!

After such a successful Tweeter Board challenge last month
I'm super excited about this one!

April is probably one of the most colorful months of the year
at least in my neck of the woods
and hopefully in yours as well
therefore; this month
 between all of us
let's create a 
Color My World Board!

Like the Tweeter Board
the Color My World Board will consist of thumbnails of each submission

but here's the challenge...

1. Each row will represent one dominant color
example:  if the first thumbnail in a row is dominantly pink, then the remaining thumbnails in that row must also be pink.
  (Try and keep the shade of the color as close as possible.)
The only time anyone may switch the color is if their entry will be the first thumbnail in the next row.
The color does not necessarily have to change for each row, but let's try and not have too many rows of the same color all together.  Each rows consists of 6 thumbnails. (If there are any screw-ups, I'll fix them and let the participant know)

2.  Submit images with only one dominant color. 
Images do not have to be flowers, they could be anything such as objects, wildlife, etc as long as there is one vibrant color in the image that dominates the composition.  

3.  Entries can simply be a photo from an image hosting site such as Flickr or from a blog post

4.  All images must be taken during the month of April
(give or take a couple of days to get the board rolling!)

At the end of the month

 we will have created a board with a rainbow of colors from around the world

 so, let's try and reach at least 50 this month!

           U P D A T E          
There seems to be a bit of confusion about how to use the Linky Board
The link URL should be the URL of either your blog post or the image hosting URL 
(the address that appears at the top of the page of a site like Flickr).  
Don't just put your blog URL because that won't necessarily go to the image you've posted
and I'm sure everyone would love to see your image enlarged.  
Also, please post images with one dominant color, meaning if we're working on blue
then the dominant color of the entire image is only blue.
  This will make the board look more like a rainbow
which is the actual challenge.
I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the activity so far! 

Now let's get back to making our rainbow!

And, as before, the person with the most submissions at the end of the month will receive a little something from me!

If you would like to post this challenge on your blog,  you are most welcome.
You may grab the graphic above and/or the Blog Hop code from the Linky Board.

please take a few minutes to take a closer look at some of the submissions and say hi!

                            Row 1:              Pink             
                            Row 2:             Purple             
                            Row 3:             Yellow            
                            Row 4:             Orange            
                            Row 5:             Green             
                            Row 6:              Blue             
                            Row 7:             White             
                            Row 8:              Red              
                            Row 9:             Purple            
                            Row 10:             Pink             
                            Row 11:        Turquoise/Aqua        
                            Row 12:            Brown             
                            Row 13:             Gold             
                            Row 14:            Yellow            
                            Row 15:             White            
                            Row 16:            Orange            
                            Row 17:          Light Blue          
                            Row 18:             Gold              now accepting!                                                                              
C O L O R   M Y   W O R L D  B O A R D
l e t ' s   m a k e   a   r a i n b o w