Friday, April 29, 2011

Call Me a Sap

alarm clock set
up and at em at 5:15am
tellie on

English hubby and I anticipating the union of the possible future King & Queen of England
Would i have been so enthusiastic if i hadn't married a Brit?
probably so

The memory of  Princess Di walking down the aisle 30 years ago still quite vivid
even though it was years before i met my hubby

although i don't remember setting any alarm clock

nor do i remember any goofy tears

the ones you don't want anyone to see
even your hubby
because you feel like such a ding-dong

crying over such a foolish thing as a wedding
for people you don't even know

so go ahead and sign me up
for saps anonymousness

bumbling saps anonymousness
for that matter

but even this sap was somewhat disappointed
when it came to....

t  h e    r o y a l    k i s s

this was the second one because the first was almost non-existent

but hubby and i did celebrate it with some mimosas

Cheers to Prince William & Princess Katherine!