Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Simple Surprises

the last few days have been filled with surprises
that can brighten the dullest of days

first i received an unexpected phone call
from a blog peep all the way from the UK
we chatted and laughed as though we've known each other for years
thank you Dave!

later the same day
i received a surprise package
from another blog peep
filled with delightful goodies
several of which are shown in the above mosaic
a handmade card
 three beautiful photo prints taken by my surprise gifter
 scrabble tiles that spelled out my blog name
a handmade easter plaque
 (that i adored when i saw her post a couple weeks back explaining how she created it)
an Easter chocolate bunny 
(which disappeared immediately)
a dainty banner made with doilies (so adorable!)
i can't express how much your gift package touched me
thank you so much, Maureen!

also, i submitted a post
thinking no way it would be selected
but it was and will be posted in the coming days on her blog
a first guest post for me!

then, yesterday evening, i received a fourth surprise in as many days
another phone call
 this one, from my best friend in college
who i haven't spoken to in several years
i don't think i have to tell you how that conversation went
except it was too short and ended with a promise to keep better connected

little surprises like these make me smile from my heart

have you had any simple surprises lately that put a big smile on your face and an extra spring in your step?