Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Can Brown Do For You?

when i checked my emails this morning
had challenged all the Color My World players
with the color brown
now, brown isn't necessarily a color you would think of when it comes to rainbows
but the challenge is open for all the colors of our world
so brown has every right to be on the board as does pink or blue
 the overlooked color
but, then i started walking around our house
and brown was popping up all over the place
as this mosaic portrays
i probably could have kept going
but i think you would get the idea from this selection
obviously brown does something for us
what about you?
is going strong and we're just past the halfway point
do you think it's possible to hit 100?
oh...and i almost forgot...
remember this little guy from a couple of weeks back?
i think this might be him again
sunning himself this time on our arbor post
he's kinda brown, too!

I might be missing in action a bit over the next week and a half or so
my Mom's coming to visit and know
but I'll try my hardest to check in with my peeps and maybe post a thing or two
so don't forget me or the Color Board!