Thursday, April 14, 2011

with bated breath....

if there is one shrub in our yard
that screams "SPRING is HERE"
in all its glory
it's our "George Tabor" azalea
which is a popular variety found around Atlanta

in fact, earlier this week, i went into Buckhead for business with hubby
which is where the bulk of our work is located
(we own an architectural trim contracting business) 
and the George Tabor is probably one of the most common
its signature large flowers are soft pink with bright pink dots
and occasional "stepchildren" of  bright pink blossoms (see above)

Buckhead is an area of Atlanta 
that could be a city of its own
made up of mostly multi-million dollar homes
and in springtime the landscape can take your breath away
home after home
street after street
huge estates one right after the other
ablaze in color from all the flowering shrubs, trees and flowers
bursting with vibrancy against lush green lawns and clear blue skies
watch the video below for a tiny taste 
(just multiply what you see by a few hundred more mansions and that' s Buckhead!)
and you'll also get to see what types of homes we work on. 

every year i inspect the buds on "George" 
waiting with bated breath
until the week he comes alive
and its finally here!

what's your favorite Spring flora?