Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrate Mom ~ Glam Style

Okay, all you blog peeps
I've got something new for you....

since it's Mother's Day next weekend here in the states
we're going to celebrate our moms

during the entire month of May
i'm hosting a Blog Hop
to share photos, stories, memories of your mom 
not in the traditional way
but "Glam Style"

i know we all think of our mothers
as just that....mothers
but even our mothers at one time or another
liked dressing up and showing off their feminine side
and maybe, still do

the Celebrate Mom badge up above is my mom
when she was about 16
(did you ever look so glamorous in your teens?  i certainly did not)
it's a shot that all her kids know well
and she's very proud of it
(she even gave me permission to use it here)
it's not my dad in the photo, but she's kept it all these years (she's now 82)
i do admit, it's quite a glamorous shot

my mom has always been into fashion (her closets are a testimony)
and even now, she gets stopped in public places by strangers who tell her how lovely she looks
(and I've witnessed this myself....i only wish that would happen to me every now and then)

here are a few more from the 1940's

and my mom today....up at our lake getaway


so hop on board anytime between now and the end of May to celebrate your mom "Glam Style"!
 you don't have to have a blog to join in
link-ups work with facebook, flickr, etc. (any page that has an URL address)
if you have any questions, don't hesitate to write and ask me at
grab the badge if you like and post the Blog Hop on your blog (it would make my mom proud!)

C E L E B R A T E   M O M  ~  G L A M   S T Y L E