Monday, May 16, 2011

Collecting Seeds

this is the first time in my life
i am collecting seeds from my flowers
to see if i can actually get them to grow

the first pods to bear seeds so far
are my columbine many seeds!
i wonder how many will actually germinate

my SIL and I will be exchanging seeds throughout the year
she's in Zone 5B and I'm in Zone 7B 
so hopefully there will be some that will work for both our gardens

do you collect seeds or do you rely on nurseries?
 ~ and ~
if you do plant successful are you in getting them to grow?


a shout out is desperately needed for this month's challenge!
so far there are only two participants and there's only 9 days left to enter!

need a nudge?

what about....
your bestest childhood friend 
a vacation you'll never forget
your first bike
your favorite doll
a birthday or holiday you'll never forget
your first professional sports event
a memory of your grandmother or grandfather

or in a totally different direction...
photography of children
something about your own children
or a niece or nephew or friend's child
childhood in general and the feelings it evokes in you

i'm leaving the playing field wide open for possibilities
just have fun with it!

please spread the word (there's even a prize at the end)
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