Friday, May 13, 2011

Come Walk With Me ~ Part One

down this densely wooded nature trail
where out of the clear blue this huge feather has landed 
like it had been placed perfectly so it wouldn't be missed
as i bend to pick it up, i notice a sweet scent drift by
and quickly realize honeysuckle is growing wild along the path
as i stand there breathing in their heavenly scent
i spot these yellow wildflowers waving hello wherever dappled sunlight hits the ground
and what do we have here....
a medieval a silhouette of a rotten tree trunk
and talking about trees
this one was shedding bark like there was no tomorrow
though, could it have possibly been a bear that had climbed it?
 let's not go there
ahh...look up ahead...the lake
standing tall beside the turquoise water are wonderful pink reeds
and nearby some mountain laurel lines the lake's edge

to continue on our walk....
hop over HERE

i want to thank Hilary @ The Smitten Image for all the companion walks she has taken us on,
 which in turn, spurred this companion walk!