Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Rainbow of Magnificent Colors!

W O W !

that's what comes to mind
seeing the completed Color My World Board
the amount of entries ~ 108 ~ totally exceeded my expectations!

 thank you ~ all 21 of you ~ who participated in last month's challenge:

Mary Elizabeth @ Feathering an Empty Nest (2)
Nessy @ Nessy Designs (5)
Jessica @ Living a Still Life (2)
Bella Casa (4)
A Few Clowns Short (2)
Sonny @ Beyond the Obvious (6)
Marcie Scudder Designs (2)
Duncan @ The Mad Hatters (1)
Barbara @ Long Hollow (6)
Mrs. Mediocrity (1)
Debbie B. (18)
Amy @ Tilting at Windmills (2)
Christine Young @ Creating A Life of Beauty (5)
 Quirky Quest with Lady Fi (12)
Joanne @ My Blog of Whatever (11)
Lissa @ A Chance of Sunshine (4)
Ella @ Dandelion (1)
Random Thoughts Do or Di (3)
Nature's Details (1)
Juana @ Between USA & Spain (1)
 A New York Magpie's Eye (7)

And the player who submitted the most images (18)....

D e b b i e   B. 

Debbie doesn't have a blog just yet, but I have a feeling there will be one coming soon.
Until then you can see her beautiful images on Flickr

Congratulations Debbie!
  You will be receiving something from me very soon as a personal thank you for contributing all those images!  
(Please email me at to give me your address)

Be sure to check back tomorrow for an exciting new event that celebrates our Moms!!

the completed  C O L O R   M Y   W O R L D  board