Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Terrorist of a Different Kind

as i was turning right
to walk up the staircase 
my peripheral vision
caught a quick movement off to the left

whatever it was
disappeared instantly into the coat closet

do i dare?

i must

with my feet as far away as possible
i slowly open the door

i see nothing

i must look closer
another quick movement
in the back corner

i push away coats
to try and get a better look

a long slinky tail


now it's over in the opposite corner

who's more afraid

me or him?

where's hubby when he's needed most?

how does one catch a lizard?
he's not going to terrorize this house

think, think, think

he's super fast

one wrong move 
and he's master of our domain

quick thinking and a bit of luck...

there's a piece of plywood in the closet
(don't ask me why, too long of a story, i'm just grateful it's there now)
if positioned correctly will trap him in the closet

apparently the sucker can not climb walls (thank goodness)

he's still cowering in the back
as i move the piece of wood to close him in

now what?

i'm certainly not going to try and pick him up
visions of that scenario aren't pretty

he scurries to the front
and tries to squeeze his little snout through the fraction of space between the wall and the plywood

aha ~ that's it!

a bottle maybe

but as quickly as that thought pops into my noggin
i notice a vacuum attachment lying on the floor of the closet
you know the one you use along baseboards with the narrow opening


i use the rounded edge of the attachment which has a diameter of less than 2 inches
and push it tightly ibetween the corner of the wall and the piece of plywood

will it work?

i slowly slide the plywood away from the wall just enough for the terrorist to get through

i wait


he fell for it!

i snatch the attachment up vertically
and run outside

i look inside
i don't see anything

did the little rascal escape?
nah...he couldn't

or could he?

i go back and look in the closet


c . r . a . p 

no way!

i look into the attachment again

hold on
why is it so dark in there?
i should be able to see right through with daylight at the other end

i need a little more sun


he's in there

now who's the boss?

he was so panicked 
he let me have a little photo shoot
and then some

i finally had to give him some alone time
so he could muster up enough nerve to leave

it was a proud accomplishment ~ even hubby was impressed!


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