Monday, May 9, 2011

Yakety~Yak....Don't Come Back

Henry found himself the perfect post to oversee his domain, one glorious afternoon

soon after...
 a little twerp decides he likes this post as well, but since Henry's a nice guy, he leaves the twerp alone

hmmft...i didn't realize HE was over there

 we'll just see about the little twerp flies upward

i bet he doesn't realize i'm an ace dive-bomber

here i come, you sucka!

whoa...he' s not budging

hmmm....let me re-think this for a minute

okay..i'll swoop in from behind while he's not looking

you better get movin ....i'm coming in

you really think you scare me, you little twerp?


Henry spoke his peace and thought all was said and done

hold on...that big buffoon's not winning this easily....yakety-yak


 and take this

okay, that did it...i'm havin' you for lunch, you little twerp

and off they flew into the wild blue yonder....yakety-yak...nana na boo boo