Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Become a Blog Fashionista!

are you blog savvy?

i know
it's all relative

one man's savviness
is another man's ignorance

on a scale of 1-10
i would probably rate myself
somewhere around a 3-4

that's because
i don't do html
at least any html that requires me
 to go into my blog's template
to make changes

no can do
 umm...maybe more like
no won't do

if i ever f*cked up my template
it's likely you would never see me again

therefore my blog savviness stops at gadgets
those are totally dispensable
mess one up
try again

that's why i'm going to tell you about 
this little tidbit of savviness
that will make you feel and look like a blog diva (or male equivalent)

ever heard of favicons?

they're those cute little icons that show up next to an URL
take a look, right now, up at the tab for this page (the one you're on right now for my blog)
go ahead...look, look, look!

do you see the tinier version of this graphic next to my blog name?

well, that a favicon!
cool, huh!

and what's even cooler
it is actually a new option on the design page
 of Blogger blogs

favicons even show up on blogrolls and bookmark bars
so instead of seeing the boring orange Blogger favicon that everyone else has
you'll be struttin' your own stuff in style!

so click HERE if you would like to step it up a notch
and become a blog fashionista!

NOTE:  if you do create a favicon, don't be disappointed if it doesn't show up immediately on browser pages. It took mine about 24 hours.

thanks for stopping by!