Monday, June 27, 2011

Time to Vote!

another fun challenge comes to an end
at least for submissions
16 players and 33 entries
thank you all!

now it's time to vote on your favorite
from the ones i already chose as my favorites

the main theme that seemed to run through many of the submissions was the ocean
it calls our names come the summer months
the surf hitting the shore 
the miles of beach line 
the sunsets along its horizon
replenish us after the bitter winter months

half of the favorites i chose were influenced by this theme
maybe because I haven't been to the beach in several years
and i yearn to go again 
the past several summers have been spent at our lake 
which i adore
but even that can't compare to the spell the ocean casts upon us

thank you all for all your entries
these challenges give us an opportunity to meet new friends
and interact with one another
i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

i couldn't settle on just five this month, so i added one additional entry
voting will be through June 29th
and the winner announced on June 30th
anyone can vote
so please take a few minutes
if you haven't already done so
to view the following entries and say hi to the bloggers

by Missing Moments
a poetic remembrance of childhood summers

by Be Yourself....Everyone Else is Taken
what happens when children and sprinklers meet

by Barbara Shallue
a golden capture of a boat's wake at sunset

by Images by Jess
a mesmerizing ocean scene that transforms from photograph to painting right before your eyes

by Ripplespeak
a poetic tribute of a daughter's love of her father

by Tilting at Windmills
the ocean's compelling nature vs. its wrath


i can't get the darn poll to be centered!