Sunday, June 19, 2011

To My Husband on Father's Day

to the man i fell in love with
 and married eighteen years ago
when trusting a man did not come easy

your giving nature
putting others before yourself
your gentle ways
your ability to make me laugh when i feel like frowning
your loyalty and devotion to everything you get involved in
all these, plus many more
made it easier for me to trust
and easier to fall in love

so, with all that in mind
my heart breaks each year on Father's Day 
when the phone does not ring
and the mailbox is empty

my heart breaks 
for all those attempts to get answers
only to receive silence

my heart breaks
for all the lies and deceit

my heart breaks
for two daughters
who never gave their father a chance

you suffer silently
and keep a smile on your face
but i can feel the pain in your heart
for all the occasions
no notice or invitation was received

graduations that occurred without a dad there to tell her how proud he was of her
father-daughter dances that left a young girl wondering why
emergency visits to the hospital that were never relayed
times missed when only a daddy's hug or loving words could help mend a broken heart
and most of all
 unable to experience the joy and pride of walking a daughter down the aisle
on the happiest day of her life

no father deserves this
especially you

so i just hope 
the love i feel for you
can halfway fill the void
i know exists in your heart

 i love you so much!