Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Winner & A Blogcation!

it's summer
 the livin' is easy
 and i'm goin' on blogcation!
so excited!
not sure how long
but, like any vacation
the plan is to have fun!

i'm going to indulge in summer activities
 while also focusing on my photography
and getting involved in online assignments
(only the fun ones)

no self-imposed pressures about posting 
no searching for words that also seem to have flown the coop recently

my apologies for having teased about a July challenge
but when the blogcation came knocking at my door
it was all happy-go-lucky and smiling and pulling on me to come and play
well, i just couldn't refuse

now don't worry
you'll still be able to keep up with me 
through FB and Flickr
they'll be my playgrounds while i'm on blogca
and, of course
i'll be packing all of you in my suitcase
because blog peeps and their activities MUST come along on blogcations!

but before i begin, there's one last announcement to make....

the June Water Challenge submission
ya'll voted for

Barbara Shallue
Congrats to Barbara!

fabulous capture of water!

be on the look-out for a little something from me!

so, until i return...