Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Come In and Look Around!

Welcome to my new format!
As many of you already know, my blog is a never-ending transformation,
but each time I make a change
I think I get closer to what truly interests me.

I'm not much for writing. 
I'm a visual person.
I love photography, both taking photos and viewing others.
I also love sharing.

So, I have something new in store for both you and me.
Flickr Photo Parties
Please take a few minutes to browse my pages to learn all about them.  

My intention for hosting these parties is purely for fun and for interaction with fellow photography enthusiasts.
There are a total of three ongoing parties for everyone who would like to attend.
Joining a party is easy.
Come and go as you please!
Just make sure to...
Spread the word, because as we all know, when it comes to partying...the more the merrier!

And for a little added excitement.... 
 each Friday I will be posting a few "Life of the Party" images from the weekly submissions for Fab Fridays starting July 15th.
  The photographers will be given an opportunity to fill us in on the "how to's" of these selected images.

For the other six days of the week, my plan is to post six favorite images that I have personally taken.
 Don't be surprised when comments are turned off on these posts.
Just enjoy!

 Let the parties begin!