Tuesday, July 26, 2011


i think when it comes to texturizing an image
i'm always dreaming
dreaming of which way to go
how do i want to alter the image
 in hopes too bring out something hidden the original doesn't reveal
so when Kim gave us prompt of "dream"
for this week's Texture Tuesday
i was drawn to this image of a shriveling Thai Tulip i had recently taken

beautiful as it was straight out of the camera
i just knew something dreamy could happen with additional texturing

so last week i added Kim's LightPaperFlowers (I think it's Kim's) and loved the outcome

but then over the weekend
 Kim sent out a new texture called "Dream"
 and I just couldn't resist dreamin' a little more....

the differences between the two are subtle since i was going for the dreamy effect
but i also played around with bolder layers and came up with some other amazing outcomes
this was an excellent image to work with!