Sunday, July 24, 2011

The end to a VERY hot day....

i know us "suthnas"
are supposed to be better prepared than you "northnas" when it comes to heat
but HOT is HOT
no matter what way you slice it
and sometimes even our heat is too much to bear or is that "bare"??
cause that's what i felt like doing this past weekend
man was the heat oppressive!
yesterday we didn't even dare go out on the lake until 6PM
and to our surprise (which we really shouldn't have been)
everyone else had the same idea
so the lake was quite active for an evening cruise
i tried to take some shots of someone hydrofoiling
but unfortunately we weren't positioned correctly when they passed by
but i did manage to get a couple of shots of this guy showing off a couple of his wakeboarding moves

and this little guy jumping off a high rock into the refreshing lake water

then moving on down the lake we were greeted with this unexpected sight
apparently someone somewhere was getting some much needed rain

and then we just parked and watched the daylight draw to a close

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