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Fab Friday!

Well, I totally screwed up the first Fab Friday by accidentally hitting the publish button while editing this morning. (Have you ever done that?)  I wouldn't have given it a second thought since I reverted it back to draft form immediately, but unfortunately, Feedburner's hands snatched it in a nano-second and wouldn't let go of it. Since the majority of my viewers follow me via my feed, I felt I should just go ahead and post this a day early instead of creating any confusion, especially when I'm featuring other photographers! (No one would have been able to comment.) Today's post obviously got buried under this one, so if you'd like to see it, just click HERE.

until's Fab Friday!

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Introducing  Fab Friday when selected  Life of the Party  images 
from each of my ongoing  Flickr Photo Parties are featured here
 because they deserve that extra attention!

Each photographer has graciously answered a few questions about themselves, their photography and their image.  Once you look at these, I'm sure you'll want to see more from these talented photographers, so be sure to visit their blogs/websites when you have a few minutes.

I just know you'll enjoy them as much as I did!

Theme:  Flowers
Life of the Party Image
"The Last Gazania"

About This Image
Camera: Konica Minolta A1 Point and Shoot
Setting: Macro

Can you believe this macro was taken with a point and shoot camera?  So, to all of you who wish you had a dSLR,  Jodice's work proves it's not necessary for shooting excellent macros.

Jodice grew up in a family of photographers, but she didn't really start shooting until about 1998. As far as what her favorite subject is....whatever catches her eye, but she does love old abandoned buildings and ghost towns. Jodice really enjoys shooting macros because you can see so much more detail using a camera than with the naked eye.  "It's like there is a whole world I never saw until I started shooting macros!

You can view more of Jodice's photography at

Theme: Butterflies
Life of the Party Image

This might not be a butterfly, but this exquisite moth was more than welcome and deserved to be the life of the party.
It was definitely a head turner!

About This Image
camera: Pentax K7
lens: 100mm

This moth was actually late into its week long life span and his wings were a bit ruffled and he could barely fly, so Beth took him to her neighbor's yard and let him walk around on some of her flowers. After that she brought him inside her own house and he lived for a few more days, moving from room to room, but only at night, once the lights were out. Each morning it was like a game of hide and seek, with Beth searching for him.  She had a blast doing it, that is, until he died. She says if she had left him outside, his life would have been much shorter, as a predator would have gobbled him up. So a few days of safety and hide and seek seemed like a pretty good gift to give him.

Can you tell that Beth has a heart of gold?

Beth has only been shooting for 3 and 1/2 years. She wishes she had started in her 20's, but was  too busy having her kids.  But, her school of thought is that you're never too old to learn something new.
Beth's absolute favorite subject is children, ages 1 to 18.  After that, it's strangers and anything nature related. 

visit Beth at Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

Theme:  Flight
Life of the Party Image
Lady Fi

About This Image
camera: Canon EOS 500D
aperture: f/5 
shutter speed: 1/125 
ISO 400
colors were enhanced just one notch and some leaves were cropped out of the corners

This image had me at hello!

Fiona has only had her dSLR a little over a year and a half.  She says getting her Canon EOS 500D encouraged her to shoot  pictures, and in turn, that interest became her passion. Fiona loves photographing nature, mainly landscapes, sunsets and sunrises, as well as taking great action shots of her dog, Oscar!  In Fiona's own words, "My specialty is running out in my nightie to take amazing summer sunsets!" What she loves most about seeing the world through a lens is that you can find the beauty in the tiniest of details and in the most unexpected places.  Fiona doesn't use Photoshop so what you see in her images is basically what comes straight from her camera!  
Fiona's advice to others ~ "It's never too late to learn something new and take up a new skill.  I got into  photography 
just after I turned 50!"

you can visit Fiona at

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