Tuesday, August 23, 2011

By George, I finally got one!

Just last week
I commented on someone's post saying
 I never had any luck capturing a hawk inside the box
and then....
only a couple of days later
I was talking on the phone on our back patio
and caught sight of one of our local hawks swooping through our yard and landing on a tree branch
this, in itself, is not unusual
it's just the lucky opportunity of having:

1. the hawk land within eyesight
2.  the hawk land close enough for my zoom lens to capture any clarity
3.  the luck of having my camera close enough to start shooting before the bird flies off again

I've just never had the good fortune of having all three elements lining up together
that is, until that afternoon

I abruptly ended my telephone conversation
ran inside and grabbed my camera
thinking to myself, he'll be gone when I get back outside
but to my delight was still sitting on the same tree branch I had sighted him on
which was a distance from our patio

I walked as slowly and as quietly as I could
to our garden shed which would be the only obstruction 
between he and I
I got to the shed and peeked around the side
and there he sat quietly

beautiful, isn't he?

then I crept a bit closer, trying my hardest not to make a sound
still no notice of me

then he looked around
but was still unaware of me
so I continued to take lots of shots
not knowing what would turn out

after a good five minutes or so 
he finally noticed me

and then the shouting started
which scared the begeebees out of me 
since everything had been so quiet
and I was THAT close to him!

here's what it sounded like
turn the volume  up to imagine what I heard right beneath him!

when he didn't stop ~ that's when I decided I better scram!

I know what those talons are capable of!

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