Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Cardinal Rule

walking through my kitchen
i glanced outside the large picture window
and saw something dead still on the bird feeder

i walked closer to the window to see what it was
and realized it was a baby bird
(later identified as a cardinal)
but oddly
it wasn't pecking at the food
it wasn't doing anything
no hint of movement
at all

i walked outside onto our deck 
to get a little closer
still no movement

i ran in the house and went downstairs to grab my camera
came back and
 still no movement

first photo from the deck
second photo from garden path ~ still no movement
now right up under the bird feeder ~ still no movement ~ eyes tight shut ~ notice the tail feathers in all photos ~ no change  

mind you....approximately 10 minutes has now elapsed with no movement
i was getting a bit concerned
do birds fall asleep on feeders, i asked myself?
dead birds wouldn't be perched
so, what the heck was it doing?
i kept clicking away but nothing stirred the little one
then hubby came out on the deck to see what was going on
i motioned for him to come down and check it out
he walked all around the bird feeder which hangs about 6 ft. off the ground from a tree limb
and finally it opened its eyes
probably from the crunching of some leaves as hubby stepped

finally ~ a show of life!
but looking a bit dazed and confused

finally ~ acknowledgement of my clicking

i decided to walk to the other side of the feeder
and  that's when it finally decided to take flight
although, quite amateurishly, i must say
it first landed on top of the deck umbrella 
my heart skipped a beat or two because i wasn't sure she'd make it
i watched her get her composure and bearings back
and then she was off again
on another haphazard flight
up to the rooftop
again my heart flipped a couple of times

one look this way

and one that way
and then she hopped further back on the roof until she was gone from sight

my immediate thought was 
not good

an easy meal

i just hope that didn't happen

~ The Cardinal Rule ~
don't sneak out of the house and always tell your parents where you're going

linking up with
World Bird Wednesday

hubby found the little one on our patio just a little while ago and it had died, probably from starvation.