Friday, August 5, 2011

Fab Friday!

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I have to admit PARTY WILDLIFE was the hit party of the week.  

These are just a sampling of the amazing dragonflies that attended.
Check out the party for more feasts for your eyes!

handstand or downward dog?  which do you think?
Yellow Legged Meadowhawk, Sympetrum vicinum
by waysidelynne

  no way can this electrified fellow camouflage himself!
Blue, at last
by barbara s.

Party Theme:  Fungi

their party hats are on!
Tiny Treasures
by Christine Y.

this delicate ruffling makes me think of petticoats
by waysidelynne

Party Theme:  Bokeh

the dreamy effect with the circles of bokeh 
make the daisies appear as though they are floating in water!
Moody Moment
by Ruth

thanks to everyone who attended  in this week's parties
your photos were truly fabulous!

next up party themes:
Party Random:  Reflections
Party Macros: Patterns in Nature
Party Wildlife:  Insects

since i will be jumping in waves and walking barefoot on the beach next week
the next Fab Friday will be in two weeks
please keep the parties going during my absence
i'll be looking forward to seeing all your fab photos!

come party with us!