Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fab Friday!

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another week passes so quickly
i have to wonder where it went
scary sometimes
when you stop and think about it

this week the parties weren't quite as active as normal
and i have to partially blame myself for that
a party hostess must stay attentive at all times
 which i admit i've faltered with a bit
but i also know that august has its annual demands
 that keep us all scurrying about with other things
and since we are in the midst of the Dog Days of Summer
even our pets haven't been very active
 which was the theme at Party Random
maybe not the best timing for that theme

but even so
there were still a few 
partyers that made a hit
even though the party itself was a bit sluggish
party animals don't pay attention to lack of attendance
they have the uncanny ability to have fun and get noticed
 no matter if they're the only ones in the room!

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the theme was Hummingbirds
take a look at these babies!

Heavenly hummer
by Gail @ Louisiana Belle

Hummingbird feeding

above and below by Reena @ Missing Moments
she had them eating out of her hand!

Hummingbird in hand
was all about showing only a tidbit of themselves
and making the others figure out what they were

Can you guess what this is?  I couldn't.
April 30, 2011
by Lauri @ Life Accomplished

New Party Themes:
Party Wildlife: Soar!
Party Macros:  Cut Glass/Crystal
Party Random:  Beautiful Mistakes

I promise to be a better hostess!