Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Variations on "Bea"

i had a great shoot with this carpenter bee

"Bea" was the perfect model

she held positions like supermodels do

she was so good
that at one point when i needed to go back in the house to switch lenses
 she was still in the same pose when i returned!

i told her she didn't need to try so hard
i mean, she wasn't getting paid or anything
and i'm sure that holding a pose for that long must have been nerve wracking for her
so after a little chit-chat she loosened up
and started struttin' her stuff

at one point i got so close to her we almost touched
i think we were "bonding" 

anyhoo, since i had so many shots i made a mosaic of the shoot
with a few of the best ones

but this shot was my favorite
i just loved the way the light was hitting my little carpenter "Bea"

i just couldn't leave it alone
so i applied Kim Klassen's "Scratched" texture
which made "Bea" pop out with some added dimension
she's quite adorable, isn't she?

and then i created this masterpiece
i call it
"Bea Lisa"

 i'm blown away by how much this texture called "Artist's Easel" by Pixel Dust Photo Art changed the image!

all i did on both images was use the overlay blending mode and applied a layer mask to reveal some of the original.

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