Monday, January 31, 2011

Hi Flyin'

was a glorious day
especially considering the weather this past month

 blue skies and 70 degrees
 a fleeting present
one to grab on to and enjoy to its fullest
 before vanishing like a dream

while driving down a four lane road 
the most colorful ultralight sailed above us
and was coming in for a landing in an open field
my eyes popped in excitement
turn around, turn around!
i shouted to hubby
and being the wonderful hubby he is
he did just so

but by the time we got back to the spot
we couldn't find it
where had it gone?
we drove around 
and found a group of men
with remote control planes
but not the ultralight we had detoured for
how it got away so quickly will remain a mystery

it looked similar to this but even brighter colors
courtesy of Google images

 we decided to stay awhile and wait for the guys
to start up their RC's so I could take a few shots
but only two planes took off while we were there
and the mosaic above are the shots I managed to capture

but while I was waiting
i also took several landscape shots that i will have fun processing
and sharing with you in later posts

now....for those of you who are interested in the results of the Friday Five close-ups

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Five ~ Close-Ups

Game time again!

this week's challenge is close-up shots

can you guess what they are?

comment moderation will be on through the weekend
answers and winners will be posted on Monday


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Focus52: Play

Each week Jan over at TwoScoopz
hosts a weekly get-together in connection with Flickr that will last throughout this year.
I have been following Jan for several months now
because she's such a creative photographer with a wonderful eye
I was so excited when she announced Focus52
because, if you are anything like me, I can use a bit of prompting 
to keep my creativity levels from sinking.
I know I offer my own weekly prompt, 
but I can always use more!

This week her prompt is


which immediately brought my thoughts to games.

For all of you who have been coming to my blog for any length of time
you know how much I'm into all kinds of challenges and games.
Card games being one of them.
So, I decided to play around with some individual cards to create a composition.
I played with color, texture and contrast and came up with a mosaic.

It's not overly exciting but I learned something new amidst all my playing and wanted to share it with you.
For those of you who are not Photoshop savvy (I'm just learning myself)  I have been using Picnik online software. The basic software is free, but you can buy an annual upgrade for only $25.00 that gives you additional tools which is more than worth the price. I believe the color separation function is in the free area, but I can't swear to it since I have the upgrade.  The more I learn about Picnik, the more I realize how many editing tools it has that can be compared to the basic Photoshop functions for just a small fraction of the cost. And much easier to learn.

In the above mosaic I isolated areas of color.
Below are the cards with their original colors.
Pretty cool, huh!

So, if you have a photo where you would like to show only specific areas of color, this is an easy edit to accomplish.  I found an online tutorial to show how easy it is.
If you'd like to watch it, please visit my Facebook page!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PROMPT ME! Wednesday


to the first week of 

where one prompt produces free flowing expression from blog to blog!

Choose your medium... 
 words ::  music :: photography  
or anything your creativity stirs up! 

However the prompt moves you ~ go with it!
there will be no wrongs or rights

 ~ it's all about expression  ~

The first prompt is the following video by Seal 
(there is a more risqué video including his wife Heidi Klum.  If you would prefer to get your inspiration from that one, click HERE to view)
which was presented in last Wednesday's post.
Hopefully, you have given it some thought and are ready to offer up a post
but if this is your first visit, don't fret
the Blog Hop will be open all week,
so take your time.

The prompt is just that, a prompt, something to hopefully get your juices flowing
watch :: listen :: feel
it could be the smallest segment of the video that speaks to you
or an overall feeling
as I said, nothing is right or wrong
the more variety of expression in the Blog Hop 
the more interesting it will be!

Whenever you're ready.... jump on the Blog Hop below!

now, for my take on the video....

I'll be honest, I had a bit of difficulty with this one
even though I chose it.
I listened many, many times to the song, which I find absolutely luscious
I adore Seal and his husky voice
but the only thing that kept coming to mind
was the obvious....


and it's not because I can't keep them
because I can
if someone entrusts me with a secret
I won't tell a soul
(with one possible exclusion ~ hubby ~ depending on the confidentiality)

no, the real reason I don't like secrets
is because I'm a pretty open person

take the age old saying....
what you see is what you get
and you've got me

if the secret is due to protecting someone from undue worry or an upcoming surprise, then no problem
but, other than that, I'm probably more of a mind to convince the person it shouldn't be a secret 

so, how do you feel about secrets?

:: :: :: :: ::

If you'd like to get a jump on next Wednesday's Prompt, 
scroll down and look in the middle column!

:: :: :: :: ::

 NOTE:  feel free to grab any of weekly prompts and "Prompt Me!" graphic to use in your posts.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Blue(m)s & FF Answers

I haven't done a Mosaic Monday in awhile and I've missed doing so, so I decided to start it up again.  They're fun to create and a way to showcase several photos at once, be it the same subject matter from different angles or a variety of images that tell a story when put together. The camellias in this mosaic are actually pink and blooming in our yard right now, but when I uploaded the images, the color just didn't do anything for me. So, I decided to see what they looked like in black and white and with a couple of tweaks on the contrast they just popped!  

:: :: :: :: ::

Now, for all of you who participated in the last Friday Five, here are the answers to the Jumbles:

1. Safe Landing
2. Chrysanthemum
3. Pecking Order
4. Deep Sea Fishing
5. Lilliputian

Congratulations to the following 6 players who guessed all five correctly!

Dave H. (blogless)
Nonnie @ Hysterical Raisins

:: :: :: :: ::

And don't forget about our first PROMPT ME! Wednesday!
I am looking forward to some interesting discussions!

:: :: :: :: ::

If you have tried changing your header in the past few days, you might be experiencing problems with blurriness in the uploaded image.  Blogger is apparently having technical issues with this function.  To by-pass the technical glitch, I used Photobucket to get an URL for my image (the Direct Link option), then used the URL option in the header box to upload the image.  It works fine.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five ~ Jumble

Here we are again at another Friday Five
and I've got some doozies for you this week!

Can your mind unjumble letters?
If not, don't bother with these,
but if you like a good challenge, these are for you!

I made some easier than others
but there might be a couple of you who will find them all easy
only time will tell....

Each group of letters is a word that has been scrambled up
and the photo behind has something to do with the answer.
and that's all I'm giving you!

So, have fun over the weekend working on these
and I'll post the winners and answers on Monday.
comment moderation will be on through the weekend







Thursday, January 20, 2011

For All You Facebook Users.....

It's amazing how social media has slowly crept into my life.
I can't seem to get into tweeting, (I still think it's for the birds)
but Facebook has snuck its way into my daily schedule
like those few extra pounds I can't shake loose. 
How did they get there?
not a clue....
sneaky b*st*rds

In the bazillion times I check in to see what's happening each day
okay...a bazillion is a bit of a stretch, maybe a dozen or so
I find more and more bloggers creating fan pages
and you know what....I like it!
One click and I'm there reading their post.
No scrolling through blogrolls.

Therefore, this past week I decided to create a fan page just for Jillsy Girl Studio (this blog).
I had been posting my blog posts on my personal FB page
 but decided to separate it from those who couldn't care less about my blog
with those who can't live without it

So...if you are a Facebook junkie 
please click the like button below to keep Jillsy Girl in your life

I might even be adding little extras on FB just to keep things interesting! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Word Wednesday ~ Free

Last week I took inventory and realized that One Word Wednesday hit the four month marker
I had no idea!

 i find myself each Wednesday surrounded by an intimate group of blog friends
 and the feeling i get when it comes around every week
can be compared to sitting down with close friends, sharing a pot of tea (or wine) and having a good chat
i have looked forward to seeing what everyone has had to say each week
about a single word that was chosen the week before

but this week's word


(which only came to me when I put together last week's post for "Soar" and "Free Bird" came to mind)

was different

it prompted me in ways that both surprised and excited me

but that's what being free is all about, isn't it?

just one word opened the doors of creativity for me
and has led to some exciting changes for our weekly get together!

no longer will we be bound to discuss just one word
in fact we won't be bound to discuss one of anything
it will totally up to you to bring discussion to the table and what it will be about

the exciting change,
 the change that will tie our Wednesday chats together with a tiny little bow
will be a "PROMPT" instead of a word.  
And, the prompt will come in various forms and mediums
and you'll be free to interpret them in any way, shape or form you choose.

you will be "free" to exercise your creativity to its fullest!

Each week, whatever the prompt,
take time to examine it.
something in the prompt will speak to you
it could either hit you immediately or it might take a bit of time
it might be a feeling, a memory or a thought that was evoked the instant you saw it
or something that stayed with you afterwards
it could even be just the tiniest part of the prompt
that spoke to you the loudest

but, whatever it is that prompts your post
it will be interesting for us all to see the variety of interpretations
and, in turn, the individual posts that will be created from them each week.

So, this post on "Free" will seamlessly lead into our new weekly Blog Hop....

which starts off next Wednesday (1/26) with the following song by Seal

 watch :: listen :: feel

(unfortunately, you will probably have to endure a commercial on the first viewing)

but for now...
give us your meaning of this week's word "FREE" by joining our Blog Hop!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Iced In & FF Answers

it's hard to believe,
but Atlanta still has lingering snow & ice on the ground
in fact, our entire lawn in our backyard is still covered

last week was either considered a winter wonderland for some
or a nightmare for others
for me....winter wonderland!

freezing temps didn't seem so frigid
 amidst all the sparkling jewels for my eyes to feast on

below, are a few more "iced in" images from this past week

and for those of you who played along over the weekend with my Friday Five challenge
here are the answers and the winners:

1. Car + Pet = Carpet
2. Can + D = Candy
3. List + N = Listen
4. Whisk + E = Whiskey
5. Pill + O = Pillow

(@ Ocean Girl ~ I used the collage tool in Picasa to create the puzzles)

And the winners are:

Hi-5 to all of you and everyone else who played along!!

does anyone else see Mickey Mouse, by chance?

see those sparkling jewels?

i'll certainly miss those jewels when they leave....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Five ~ Word Math

Here's a silly little photo challenge for this week's Friday Five.
In the following puzzles, the answer is the sum of the photos and/or letters that are given.
Future puzzles will progressively get more difficult, unless for some odd reason these stump you.


Comment moderation will be on through the weekend. Answers and winners will be posted on Monday.







Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby ~ It's Been COLD outside!

Our visitor who came and went Sunday night
has left his presence all week due to frigid temps and barely any sun until today.
Even so, I have ventured out with camera in hand each day but haven't been able to make it out of our yard.
That ice is very icy!
Each day the snow has become harder and thicker and crunchier.
Excellent, though, for capturing some frozen images.

Here are a few I've managed to snap in the brief minutes of being in the cold
 before my feet and hands tell me they've had enough and would like to go back inside.  
In fact, even my lens was acting up this morning it was so cold.
 It was refusing to focus on shots that got too close to the ground!

All of the following are straight out of the camera except the last three which I had fun playing around with. 

pine cone peeking through ice with a lone, yellow leaf keeping it company

gumball on snow ~ quite interesting, isn't it?

just a cluster of ice hanging out on a limb

shriveled ivy clinging to tree trunk

autumn fern amidst winter

a dead but delicate asparagus fern

 sparkling, elongated fingers holding onto our patio arbor

Tomorrow is supposed to finally get into the 40's
my feet will be extremely happy!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Word Wednesday - Soar

Join us this week for

as we explore the word


(in any medium you choose)

I equate the word SOAR with the saying AS FREE AS A BIRD 

which automatically makes me think of this....

which, in turn, leads all of us to
 next Wednesday's word:


Now jump on this week's Blog Hop and give us your spin on SOAR!

and thanks goes to Barbara @ Long Hollow for giving us this week's word!

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Most Welcomed Visitor

he came about ten last night
banging on our door
come out, come out!
he cried

and so we did

hubby and i went out to greet him
amidst a whirlwind of white
 our faces turned upward
snowflakes landing softly upon our faces  
our cheeks cold to the touch
 yet a feeling of rosy warmth inside

the children within
totally invigorated
lovin' every minute
of our visitor's willingness to play with us

come morning
the footprints left behind just hours before
 had been put to bed with a thick white blanket by our brief visitor
leaving only a hint of their existence
lying beneath 

bitterly cold air
 danced below dismal skies
dropping tiny pellets of ice upon me
 but, i clicked away
to capture a bit of the magic that had come to visit us
the night before

 here are a handful to share with you....

it might not get above freezing for a few more days
so hopefully there will be more opportunities for snow shots
maybe even some with a touch of the sun's rays

join us on Wednesday for this week's word ~ S O A R

Friday Five Winners & Answers

What a Blast!
i hope everyone enjoyed playing along over the weekend
and had as much fun guessing as i had helping you figure out the answers.
i really did think i made them too easy, but obviously i was wrong!

we had eleven players in which four of you did eventually guess them all correctly

here's who reached the finish line in numerical order:

#2: Dave H. (blogless) 

and one very honorable mention because she had the most correct answers on the first try, 4 to be exact:

full images of the five objects:

Come join in again this coming Friday for a new & different photo challenge!