Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is BIG Blogger News!

  I just got this update and HAD TO SHARE!!

To all Bloggers (even non-Blogger bloggers)
check this out: DYNAMIC VIEWS!

if you don't really understand it all, just do the following and start playing around!
For Blogger Blogs: add this to the end of your blog URL:   /view
 to see the dynamic views on your own blog.
If you're not a Blogger user, just add  /view  at the end of my URL or any Blogger URL to see the dynamic views that are now up and running!
Or just click the Take My Blog Tour link below to see my blog in dynamic view.
when you're there...look for the blue rectangular button in the upper right, i think it says "sidebar". That's a dropdown menu and that's where the real party begins!!

ALL BLOGGER BLOGS CAN BE VIEWED THIS WAY (as long as you have a full feed)!

Absolutely AMAZING!!

especially when we're trying to catch up on making our rounds or checking out a new blog!

now, who says WordPress is better??

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tweet, Tweet!

look at all these amazing portraits on the tweeter board !

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

it's been great fun
and a learning experience for me
since several of the birds i had never seen 
and some i had never heard of
(including the cormorant i captured)

i want to thank everyone who participated
and as i had mentioned at the beginning of the month
the person who contributed the most portraits would receive a little something from me
considering that person was me
i'll give myself a pat on the back
but i don't really count
so the honor goes to
  (unless someone upsets her by the end of tomorrow)
for capturing seven beautiful portraits!
(and she thought she wouldn't get any)

 :: ::  here is a list of all participants and their contributions  :: ::

Jillsy Girl (9)
Eastern Bluebird
Northern Cardinal (Female)
Carolina Wren
Carolina Chickadee
Eastern Towhee
Double Crested Cormorant
Mourning Dove
Pine Warbler

Barbara @ Long Hollow (7)
Chipping Sparrow
Redwing Blackbird
Cedar Waxwing
Northern Cardinal (Male)
Mountain Bluebird
Tufted Titmouse
Eastern Phoebe

Gail @ Louisiana Belle (4)
Green Heron
Hairy Woodpecker

Kelly @ Mrs. Mediocrity (3)
House Sparrow
Turkey Vulture

Amy @ Tilting at Windmills (2)
Canada Goose
Downy Woodpecker

Mary Elizabeth @ Feathering an Empty Nest (2)
Great Blue Heron
Royal Tern

Lady Fi (2)
Red Capped Woodpecker
Yellow Tit

Mavrik Lane (2)
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Eurasian Collared Dove

VM Sehy Photography (2)
Northern Flicker
Mallard Duck

Holding Moments (2)
Blue Tit

Hilary @ The Smitten Image (1)

Debbie B. (1)

Duck or Grouse Blog (1)

JD Maleski (1)
Black Capped Chickadee

Thank you all again
but there's still some time left on the Tweeter Board
so if you capture a portrait in the next day
please post it (I would love to reach 50!), and I will update the submission list!

join us again for April's Challenge!
details April 1st!

now get up and dance 'cause Spring is acomin'!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby...the Rain Must Fall

after last week's glorious sunshine and warm temps
we've been drenched in rain
 practically thrown out of bed from violent rolling thunder
high winds
and much cooler temps

thank goodness we haven't had a frost
after all that back breaking work of tilling the soil and planting
i would have been fit to be tied
if that had happened

but, as the song goes...
baby ~ the rain must fall
so all those buds
 just waiting to burst
can come out and play

here are few more snippets of color teasing us around the hacienda 
azaleas ~ the queen bee of spring

a little phlox to brighten up a garden path
although, they're all shriveled up at the moment from the weather

these glorious petunias better show me some love
and multiply because they are beauties!

I just had to purchase more storage space
from google to continue to post photos!
Has anyone else had that happen?

More color to come in April with our next challenge!
details April 1st!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Color...Where for Art Thou?

last week's weather brought us southerners outside
  new growth twinkling in sunlight on  our backyard garden dwarf japanese maple 

 a loropetalum bush throwing a pink party in our side yard

okay, roll up the sleeves, it's time to play in the dirt!

a trip to Home Depot
a truck bed, ready and waiting

oh color, where for art thou?
i'm needing me some color

here we go...
a couple of these here blue salvia
believe it or not....straight out of the camera!

ooh...lookie here at this delicate pink number
 pink columbine with their heads hanging low
take a look inside...oh good, they're not crying i did play around a little with this was begging for it!

and let's get a few silvery artemisias  (also known as wormwood)
these grow up into big lace-like silvery mounds

and a couple of these blue babies to reside near our pond
don't ask....i can't remember the name and i threw out the container.  duh.

more next time!

:: :: :: :: ::

and for those who were curious about the Puzzle of the Day....
surprisingly, it's not broccoli
which was the most common guess.
it's the ever so lovely tree pollen
that is now showering down upon us
and dusting everything in yellowy-green. 
 i believe this particular culprit
comes from our sweetgum trees.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Painted Daisy Club

Beth started it
she's the one
over HERE
with that totally 
awesome sweater

i was jealous
and had to have me one
so a few days later
one showed up in my mailbox
it didn't fit right
i cried a little
then I wrote to Jenny
who is a doll
Beth was right
no problem, she says
we'll fix you up right

in the interim
apparently had to have herself one as well
and was looking totally awesome in her new sweater
take a look HERE

then my new one arrived yesterday
all smiles
in love
so much so i had to wear it out to dinner 
in weather that was probably more suited for no sweater at all
especially wool
but it feels to cozy
and it looks so awesome


doesn't three
qualify for a club?

if you would like to become a member
visit Jenny at
and you will look totally awesome, too
(not that you don't already)

 Only 15 More Portraits Needed on the Tweeter Board in the next 5 days ~ Please help us get there!

now for a little fun...

you can leave your guess in the comments
 and i will give you the answer in my next post

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gently On a Breeze....

leaves crunch lightly with each step
as i make my way down the hillside

deeper into nature
i look up
and notice the enormous life that towers above me

then I spot this little guy minding his own business
taking his good ol' time creeping along a piece of wood
 that Mother Nature has soaked in sunlight 

gentle spring breezes
 wave their hands along the hillsides and play with my hair

suddenly i feel at one with nature

hope your weekend plays nice with you

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Kiss (or the Non-Kiss, that is)

I thought this cougaresque news tidbit could use some extra circulation....
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla (Reuters) – Helen Staudinger, 92, wanted a kiss.
But authorities say after her 53-year-old neighbor refused, the central Florida woman aimed a semi-automatic pistol at his house and fired four times.
"If my head would have been over just a little bit further, (a bullet) probably would have hit me in the back of the head," the neighbor, Dwight Bettner, told Reuters.
Staudinger remained in jail on Tuesday, a day after being arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and shooting into a dwelling. Her next court date is April 26.
The case of the kiss that wasn't occurred in Fort McCoy, Florida, about 20 miles northeast of Ocala.
Bettner, a former law enforcement officer and boilermaker, said his elderly neighbor has seemed attracted to him since he moved in six months ago. He's not sure why.
"I've taken her trash out for her, just neighborly stuff," Bettner said. "I guess she just took that as something else."
He told Marion County Sheriff's deputies that Staudinger threatened to shoot him recently when he told her he had a girlfriend but didn't follow through.
Just after noon on Monday, Bettner argued with Staudinger when she came to his house and refused to leave, according to an incident report.
"I want a kiss before I leave," Bettner said Staudinger told him.
No, he said.
"Just go back to your property, and leave me alone," Bettner recalled saying.
Bettner was on the phone with his father when he heard gunshots moments later. One bullet went through a window, spraying him with glass.
Staudinger told deputies that she fired at Bettner's new Mitsubishi 3000GT, a car "that he loved so much," the incident report said.
Bettner said on Tuesday that he would probably move out of his rented home.
"I just don't need the stress or the hassle," he said. "I thought this only happened to younger people."
crazy is crazy no matter what the age

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This bird was an unusual sighting this past weekend
and it took awhile to identify it
but I finally did
loves to skim the water on take-off 

The take-off below 
is by a very common resident of the lake
dorky on take-off but totally majestic in flight

My goal this month (without telling anyone before now) was to hit 50 portraits on the
Can you help me reach it?

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Showering of Cherry Blossoms

if you were here for my last post
i mentioned the unseasonable warm temps we experienced
on the last days of winter

then comes the first day of Spring
 and we're back to normal

c o o l
o v e r c a s t
w i n d y

a dramatic shift from the day before

but when it comes
to the colors of Spring
we're kicking into full gear

here's just a sampling
from one of many, many Yoshino Cherries
that adorn our southern landscape this time of year

and even though there are still plenty of blooms holding tight to their branches
there were just as many falling victim to the strong breezes
and showering the sky in soft white petals

until they came to rest in soft, pillowy channels

all images are straight out of the camera

Sunday, March 20, 2011

One Glorious Moon

March 19, 2011
 One Super Moon
an 18th Wedding Anniversary

It was a gorgeous weekend here in the South
and we spent it at our lake getaway
lower 80's and sunny until mid afternoon on Saturday
but that was okay
 we arrived Thursday
and Friday was spectacular

these photos were actually taken Friday evening
the night before the Super Moon
on our boat under the stars and one glorious moon

not sure what happened here with that second green moon...but it's quite cool isn't it?

hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to Wake Up....

over the weekend
i decided to do some gardening
 since the weather was just

on a side note...
isn't it funny how grass decides to grow thick and solid
in areas you had no intention of it growing
but where you dream of having a thick green velvety lawn
you get bare spots galore?

well, the task at hand was to pull all those new tufts of grass
that were growing proudly in one of our landscape beds through about five inches of mulch,
as well as from a cement splash box...good grief,
when i came upon, what I thought was, a dead something
a little dead something that didn't make it through the winter
and had been buried under the muddy earth i had just yanked up

oh honey!
i yelled
come over here!
(not wanting to touch it, being the city girl that I am)

what is that?
is it a frog?

hubby flips over the limp body
it had been laying on its backside
 all muddied and exposing a yellowish tummy's a little frog...probably a tree frog

is it dead?

don't know
he keeps prodding it

it moves
but only a little

it was probably hibernating

i question

yes, frogs hibernate
who would a thunk (not a city girl for sure)

oh, he's cute!
let me go get my camera

he was a great subject
didn't move one bit
not a fraction of an inch
not even a blink

i think he was still in a daze
from being so rudely awakened

he was maybe the length of my thumb
cute little guy

after the photo shoot was over
i went back to gardening
but when I checked back a few minutes later
he had left, probably to find another resting spot 
which might have ended up being in a trash bag 
but hopefully not

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunshine On A Stick

No doubt....a forsythia bush in full bloom can brighten up the dreariest day.

Forsythia is pure joy. 
There is not an ounce, not a glimmer of sadness or even knowledge in forsythia.
Pure, undiluted, untouched joy.
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh ~

what can make you smile on a gloomy day?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Variety on a Scene

This week's Project52 prompt is


A variety of options flowed through my mind throughout the week
but when it came down to making a choice as to which way to proceed with my post
one image, of the many I took throughout the week, kept waving at me

original image with a few extra limbs before being cloned out

so I decided to stop and stare at it for a few minutes
hoping an idea relating to variety would pop instantly into my head

and it did

the original image of barren tree limbs against a gray sky, dramatic within itself,
 made me think of the variety of scenes that same image would offer at different times of day

and with that thought in mind
i decided to play with textures

i love playing with textures, give me an excuse (even if it is myself) and I'll run with it

you'll need to put your abstract glasses on for this


variety on a scene
a day in the life of a tree
twilight to twilight
from top left to bottom right (going vertically)
dawn, sunrise, morning, noon, sunset, dusk

click image to enlarge

See It?

Thank you, Jan, for the weekly prompt!