Friday, April 29, 2011

Call Me a Sap

alarm clock set
up and at em at 5:15am
tellie on

English hubby and I anticipating the union of the possible future King & Queen of England
Would i have been so enthusiastic if i hadn't married a Brit?
probably so

The memory of  Princess Di walking down the aisle 30 years ago still quite vivid
even though it was years before i met my hubby

although i don't remember setting any alarm clock

nor do i remember any goofy tears

the ones you don't want anyone to see
even your hubby
because you feel like such a ding-dong

crying over such a foolish thing as a wedding
for people you don't even know

so go ahead and sign me up
for saps anonymousness

bumbling saps anonymousness
for that matter

but even this sap was somewhat disappointed
when it came to....

t  h e    r o y a l    k i s s

this was the second one because the first was almost non-existent

but hubby and i did celebrate it with some mimosas

Cheers to Prince William & Princess Katherine!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello Again Everyone!

i believe i've experienced my longest blog absence since I started blogging

nearly two weeks!

to be honest 
it felt kind of liberating
but i did miss my blog peeps

i will spend some time over the next few days
reading posts and catching up with everyone

i will also have a couple of exciting new challenges to share with you in the next few days
along with the closing of this month's Color My World Board that totally exceeded my expectations
and will also be announcing the winner of that challenge

but until then....

 here are a few pics of swallows feeding their young under a bridge 
that i caught while cruising on the lake this past weekend 
it was amazing watching all the activity of the parents flying back and forth 

check back soon and....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Can Brown Do For You?

when i checked my emails this morning
had challenged all the Color My World players
with the color brown
now, brown isn't necessarily a color you would think of when it comes to rainbows
but the challenge is open for all the colors of our world
so brown has every right to be on the board as does pink or blue
 the overlooked color
but, then i started walking around our house
and brown was popping up all over the place
as this mosaic portrays
i probably could have kept going
but i think you would get the idea from this selection
obviously brown does something for us
what about you?
is going strong and we're just past the halfway point
do you think it's possible to hit 100?
oh...and i almost forgot...
remember this little guy from a couple of weeks back?
i think this might be him again
sunning himself this time on our arbor post
he's kinda brown, too!

I might be missing in action a bit over the next week and a half or so
my Mom's coming to visit and know
but I'll try my hardest to check in with my peeps and maybe post a thing or two
so don't forget me or the Color Board!  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

with bated breath....

if there is one shrub in our yard
that screams "SPRING is HERE"
in all its glory
it's our "George Tabor" azalea
which is a popular variety found around Atlanta

in fact, earlier this week, i went into Buckhead for business with hubby
which is where the bulk of our work is located
(we own an architectural trim contracting business) 
and the George Tabor is probably one of the most common
its signature large flowers are soft pink with bright pink dots
and occasional "stepchildren" of  bright pink blossoms (see above)

Buckhead is an area of Atlanta 
that could be a city of its own
made up of mostly multi-million dollar homes
and in springtime the landscape can take your breath away
home after home
street after street
huge estates one right after the other
ablaze in color from all the flowering shrubs, trees and flowers
bursting with vibrancy against lush green lawns and clear blue skies
watch the video below for a tiny taste 
(just multiply what you see by a few hundred more mansions and that' s Buckhead!)
and you'll also get to see what types of homes we work on. 

every year i inspect the buds on "George" 
waiting with bated breath
until the week he comes alive
and its finally here!

what's your favorite Spring flora?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Study in Monochrome

did you know you might have a color setting on your camera called

m o n o c h r o m e 

i wasn't aware of it
began posting the most wonderful images 
in monochrome

i am in awe
of each and every one of them
in fact she has even created a new blog 
just to highlight her monochrome images
if you haven't already visited
i highly suggest you leave my place right now
and hightail it over there
because if you like my mosaic
you'll fall in love with her stuff
or my name ain't jillsygirl!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Simple Surprises

the last few days have been filled with surprises
that can brighten the dullest of days

first i received an unexpected phone call
from a blog peep all the way from the UK
we chatted and laughed as though we've known each other for years
thank you Dave!

later the same day
i received a surprise package
from another blog peep
filled with delightful goodies
several of which are shown in the above mosaic
a handmade card
 three beautiful photo prints taken by my surprise gifter
 scrabble tiles that spelled out my blog name
a handmade easter plaque
 (that i adored when i saw her post a couple weeks back explaining how she created it)
an Easter chocolate bunny 
(which disappeared immediately)
a dainty banner made with doilies (so adorable!)
i can't express how much your gift package touched me
thank you so much, Maureen!

also, i submitted a post
thinking no way it would be selected
but it was and will be posted in the coming days on her blog
a first guest post for me!

then, yesterday evening, i received a fourth surprise in as many days
another phone call
 this one, from my best friend in college
who i haven't spoken to in several years
i don't think i have to tell you how that conversation went
except it was too short and ended with a promise to keep better connected

little surprises like these make me smile from my heart

have you had any simple surprises lately that put a big smile on your face and an extra spring in your step?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Spring Morning

the fogginess
of sleep
as i walk
through the quiet house
the only sound 
is that of my slippers 
with each sluggish step

i open the back door
my eyes and ears 
 fill with delight


the sun still lurks behind the trees
her multitude of arms stretching forward
casting warmth to everything they touch

the mature viburnum aflame in pure white diamonds
a young dogwood beside it
 can't match its beauty yet
but tries its hardest


a towhee sits close by 
overlooking a nearby birdbath 
contemplating a dip
as others in the distance
chirp their tunes to each other


nature coming to greet the new day
offering me its simple gift


a spring morning


submitted to the iStudio
for the theme "Everyday Gifts"

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm such a klutz sometimes...

one lone dandelion
poking his head up high 


one shot taken
i move to change
vantage points




they take flight 
like a flock of birds scared off by a hawk


i could kick myself
but soon realize
i received an unexpected gift


perfection isn't all its chalked up to be


sometimes being a klutz can be a good thing


Do not seek to bring things to pass in accordance with your wishes,
 but wish for them as they are, and you will find them.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It is possible to experience an awakening in this life
 through realizing just how precious each moment,
 each mental process, and each breath truly is.
 ~ Christy Turlington ~

 Each day now something new is awakening in our garden
the above mosaic are the fiddleheads (unfurled fronds)
on some autumn ferns

what's awakening in your garden?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

this is how it goes....

it starts here
goes here
and ends up here

it starts here
and ends up here

it starts here
and ends up here

i swear....there used to be a day i would be happy with the "it starts here"

:: :: ::

this is a submission for the color green in...
Click Here ~ Let's Make a Rainbow!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Helicopter Wings

 we had a bad storm last night
 luckily our part of town was spared the extremely violent wind and hail
 that pounded other sections of Atlanta causing downed trees around the city
 but this morning thousands of these helicopter wings were all over our yard

do you remember playing with these when you were a kid?

:: :: ::

Trivia Answers
1. Martin Luther King, Jr.
2. Cricket
3. Cockroach
4. Hop Sing
5. George Bush, Sr.
6. Gold
7. Sit
8. Susan Sarandon
9. Echo
10. My source said tennis, but apparently some sources say curling

 guessed them all correctly!  Congrats!

Thanks to all who played along!

Monday, April 4, 2011

come play.....

blooms in our back yard garden

I can't find any words today
 so here are 10 trivia questions for you....

1.  What famous figure was fatally shot on today's date (April 4)?

2.  What sport used the term "home run" long before baseball?

3.  What insect can live a week without its head?

4.  What was the name of the cook on the TV show "Bonanza"?

5.  Who said "I'm the President of the United States and I'm not going to eat anymore broccoli."?

6.  One ounce of which of the following can be stretched into a wire 50 miles long?
a. silver
b. gold
c. copper

7.  What's the most common trick a dog can perform?
a. play dead
b. sit
c. roll over
d. kiss

8.  Who is Susan Tomaling better known as?

9.  A ducks' quack does not ________.  (fill in the blank)

10. Chevy Chase was a professional in what sport?

Post your answers in comments but don't look at others answers first!
Answers will be in my next post.

Who will be the first to get them all right?

Have fun!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Challenge ~ Color My World!

After such a successful Tweeter Board challenge last month
I'm super excited about this one!

April is probably one of the most colorful months of the year
at least in my neck of the woods
and hopefully in yours as well
therefore; this month
 between all of us
let's create a 
Color My World Board!

Like the Tweeter Board
the Color My World Board will consist of thumbnails of each submission

but here's the challenge...

1. Each row will represent one dominant color
example:  if the first thumbnail in a row is dominantly pink, then the remaining thumbnails in that row must also be pink.
  (Try and keep the shade of the color as close as possible.)
The only time anyone may switch the color is if their entry will be the first thumbnail in the next row.
The color does not necessarily have to change for each row, but let's try and not have too many rows of the same color all together.  Each rows consists of 6 thumbnails. (If there are any screw-ups, I'll fix them and let the participant know)

2.  Submit images with only one dominant color. 
Images do not have to be flowers, they could be anything such as objects, wildlife, etc as long as there is one vibrant color in the image that dominates the composition.  

3.  Entries can simply be a photo from an image hosting site such as Flickr or from a blog post

4.  All images must be taken during the month of April
(give or take a couple of days to get the board rolling!)

At the end of the month

 we will have created a board with a rainbow of colors from around the world

 so, let's try and reach at least 50 this month!

           U P D A T E          
There seems to be a bit of confusion about how to use the Linky Board
The link URL should be the URL of either your blog post or the image hosting URL 
(the address that appears at the top of the page of a site like Flickr).  
Don't just put your blog URL because that won't necessarily go to the image you've posted
and I'm sure everyone would love to see your image enlarged.  
Also, please post images with one dominant color, meaning if we're working on blue
then the dominant color of the entire image is only blue.
  This will make the board look more like a rainbow
which is the actual challenge.
I want to thank each and everyone of you for all the activity so far! 

Now let's get back to making our rainbow!

And, as before, the person with the most submissions at the end of the month will receive a little something from me!

If you would like to post this challenge on your blog,  you are most welcome.
You may grab the graphic above and/or the Blog Hop code from the Linky Board.

please take a few minutes to take a closer look at some of the submissions and say hi!

                            Row 1:              Pink             
                            Row 2:             Purple             
                            Row 3:             Yellow            
                            Row 4:             Orange            
                            Row 5:             Green             
                            Row 6:              Blue             
                            Row 7:             White             
                            Row 8:              Red              
                            Row 9:             Purple            
                            Row 10:             Pink             
                            Row 11:        Turquoise/Aqua        
                            Row 12:            Brown             
                            Row 13:             Gold             
                            Row 14:            Yellow            
                            Row 15:             White            
                            Row 16:            Orange            
                            Row 17:          Light Blue          
                            Row 18:             Gold              now accepting!                                                                              
C O L O R   M Y   W O R L D  B O A R D
l e t ' s   m a k e   a   r a i n b o w