Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i was totally blown away these past few days
137 VOTES !
you guys are amazing!

Geri @ My Heart Art initially commented
"I feel like I'm on American Idol"
 and I, too, felt like J.Lo!

what fun it's been 
checking in periodically 
to see the votes rolling in
i originally thought maybe 25-30 votes, total
so you can probably imagine my enthusiasm
from all your participation
thank you!

take a look at the results...
and the geographic results....

so as you can tell
the winner of the May
Juana @ Between USA and Spain
for her humorous entry
if you have not yet read it, please do, you're sure to get a chuckle!

Congratulations, Juana!

it's yours for the taking!

please choose between the following two thank-you gifts....

1. Joby Gorillapod
2. $35.00 Amazon Gift Card

just email me at jillsygirl@hotmail.com with your selection!

thank you again, everyone, for all your wonderful entries and votes
and such an entertaining and successful challenge!

be sure to check back tomorrow for the start of next month's challenge...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Time to Cast Your Votes!

gosh...i never dreamed it would be this difficult 
to whittle down my favorites to just five
(i can't even imagine how the Pioneer Woman does it in her challenges)

i want to thank each and every one of you for your submissions
all of them were fantastic in their own creative way
you made me laugh and and you also made me cry
all your childhood memories were so diverse
this challenge certainly allowed me to get to know each of you a little better
and i thank you for that

so, after careful consideration
(ie. hours of indecision)
here are the five entries i chose for all of you to vote on
you will have from now until May 30th to cast your votes
make sure to take a few minutes to view each post before voting
i'm sure you'll enjoy them as much as i did!

by My Heart Art
an adorable and cherished photo of that first kiss made into a beautiful photo-painting

by A Few Clowns Short
childhood antics that we can all relate to

by Lady Fi
a childhood pleasure captured beautifully in words and photography

Ruffles and lace
by Feathering an Empty Nest
a mom, some fabric and a daughter just waiting to be dressed up!

by Between USA and Spain
everyone has one...the trouble sibling!

This polling service is new to me, so I'm not 100% sure how it works since the website did not thoroughly explain the process and I am not casting a vote (unless to break a tie).  I believe it will ask you for a password in order to vote. If it does, the password is "CHILDHOOD".  I hope it is easy for everyone to use.  It seemed to be the best one out of the ones I found and was recommended by other blogs.  I'm crossing my fingers it works smoothly, but if you have any problems please leave a comment in the comment section.  Thanks!


The winner will be announced on May 31st!

to all my peeps in the States....
Have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

and everyone get ready for....
coming June 1st

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies....

o p e n i n g   a c t  

a l l e g r o 

 t h e   p r i m a   b a l l e r i n a

e n c o r e !   e n c o r e !
for all you texture lovin' peeps
i applied Kim Klassen's "Believe" and "Magic 1" on all images
jump in...it's Texture Tuesday ~ Garden Style over at her place!

i'm also linking up with Inspiration Avenue for their "Purple and Green" challenge of the week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Challenge Lovers....Where ARE you?

are you hiding under the bed
or in the bushes?
i know you're out there somewhere!

c  h  i  l  d  h  o  o 

now that shouldn't have been overly difficult to conjure up a post within a month 

so what's the deal?
don't like the prize?
hmmm...nah, that can't be it
you guys have given me many excellent submissions for less

ahh...i know what it is
you're holding out!
that's gotta be it
there's going to be a flood of submissions in the next three days!

i have faith!

UPDATE:  We're up to 15 entries!  Can we possibly make it to 20 ??

Friday, May 20, 2011

Come Sail Away.....

have a weekend that's smooth sailing!

i'm joining in on Jan's Weekly Focus 52 link-up over at TwoScoopz
this week there is no theme, so jump on board with your fave post of the week!


only 4 days left to enter!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Greatest Thing Since.....

sliced bread?
well, not necessarily
but what about 
since blogging and the internet!!!!

~ : ~

first things first, though
here's my offering from the Guess Who post yesterday (answers now posted) 
after a little bit of texture playtime 
using Kim Klassen's "Pour Vous" and "Sweet Treat"

if you love textures, you'll love Kim's 
so if you're not signed up for her weekly freebies, click HERE!

thanks to those who played along...it ended up being harder than we all imagined.
(i guess i need to start working on my own style)
a big hand to Amy for guessing SEVEN of them correctly!

~ : ~

now back to the greatest thing....

okay, i'll admit...i'm not the quickest when it comes to all things internet 
normally, i wait to hear about something through the grapevine
but yesterday i, me, JG, went on my own internet excursion to look for some hidden treasures
 and i actually found a couple of keepers!

for all you know-it-alls....you may leave now

Internet Savvy Tip #1 
 i fight a battle every single day with Google Reader and GR keeps winning..ugh
 so if you, too, are drowning in a sea of blog posts because your blog peeps keep throwing an endless stream of them at you, this savvy tip may be right up your alley
i can't say the battle of numbers will change using this extension
 but the fight will be much more enjoyable!

may i introduce you to....

this little gem will help you with your end of the battle by....
1. taking all the blogs you follow and wrapping them in colorful little boxes
2. taking those boxes and creating a beautiful mosaic on your screen that will probably mesmerize you because it's so pretty, which would be anti-productive, so don't let that happen...keep it movin
3. some boxes will have numbers on them letting you know how many presents are inside waiting for you...isn't that just too sweet?  who would refuse opening a box?
4. when you take the ribbon off and look inside you'll find each post waiting patiently and all you have to do is click it to open it up full size (customized screen size options are even available)
and there's more...
up on your Google Chrome tool bar, there will be a pretty pink icon that will always show you the amount of presents (posts) that are waiting for you to open!
I'm telling you right now...this little gem has already saved me time making my rounds!
ooh...i just looked and I have 9 new presents waiting for me!

 for technical questions...all i can tell you is that it is a Google Chrome extension
so you would need to use Chrome as your browser, but it also looks like it's an android app so it probably works with android phones as well.   I won't vouch for that since, as I said earlier, I'm no intenet guru by any stretch of the imagination.

Internet Saavy Tip #2
do you use an internet based email service such as hotmail, gmail or yahoo?
if so...don't you just hate it that you have to go into the service to see whether or not you have new messages?
this is especially annoying since i have four email addresses, therefore, having to check multiple accounts

so, if you are still doing it the old way like i was (wink)
and if you aren't an old dog who can't learn new tricks (wink, wink)
may i introduce you to tip # 2....

even though I have given you the link from the Chrome App Store, this app is also available for Firefox users.  Just go into Firefox and look for it in their add-ons.

this baby provides an icon up on the Google Chrome toolbar for easy use
( Firefox adds a bar on the bottom of your screen just for the app which is not quite as nice because it decreases the size of your main window)

how this gem will save you time...
when a new email comes in there will be a pleasant little ding along with a small pop up window notifying you of your new email arrivals, no matter how many different email addresses you may have.
  and there's more...
with just a click from their icon you can go directly into your separate accounts!
can't get much better than that!  well, maybe you can...listen to this...
you don't have to sign in!!

that's it in a nutshell!

only 6 days left to enter!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess Who?

What a diverse and beautiful mosaic of images, no?
It just so happens that each of the above images came from a different photo-blogger.
Can you pin the photo to the blogger based on their individual photographic style and/or content?
Let's have a little fun and see if anyone can guess them all correctly!

Here is the list of bloggers who contributed one of the above photos
Even if you are not familiar with a particular photographer
please take a few minutes to browse through their blog, say hi, then come back here and leave your guesses below
 On Blogger blogs, the "dynamic" view has been linked for easy browsing. 
To leave a comment on their blog, just delete /view/mosaic in the URL window to get to their homepage

Now...off you go
and enjoy the photoblog tour while you're at it!
It's guaranteed you'll see some excellent photography!


Give it your best shot
Have Fun!

just 7 days left to enter!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Collecting Seeds

this is the first time in my life
i am collecting seeds from my flowers
to see if i can actually get them to grow

the first pods to bear seeds so far
are my columbine
WOW...so many seeds!
i wonder how many will actually germinate

my SIL and I will be exchanging seeds throughout the year
she's in Zone 5B and I'm in Zone 7B 
so hopefully there will be some that will work for both our gardens

do you collect seeds or do you rely on nurseries?
 ~ and ~
if you do plant seeds...how successful are you in getting them to grow?


a shout out is desperately needed for this month's challenge!
so far there are only two participants and there's only 9 days left to enter!

need a nudge?

what about....
your bestest childhood friend 
a vacation you'll never forget
your first bike
your favorite doll
a birthday or holiday you'll never forget
your first professional sports event
a memory of your grandmother or grandfather

or in a totally different direction...
photography of children
something about your own children
or a niece or nephew or friend's child
childhood in general and the feelings it evokes in you

i'm leaving the playing field wide open for possibilities
just have fun with it!

please spread the word (there's even a prize at the end)
click the image for details

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Come Walk With Me ~ Part Two

if you missed the first half of our walk due to the blogger outage
 please hop over HERE first

now as we continue on our walk....

where clouds are puffy, grasses grows wild 
and you feel bigger than life itself
where gravel paths meander
and end up here
and all you can do is stand there staring at nature's wonder
as warm breezes kiss your skin

L A K E   K E O W E E  a n d  T H E   B L U E   R I D G E   M O U N T A I N S
 North and South Carolina

thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoyed our little walk together!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Come Walk With Me ~ Part One

down this densely wooded nature trail
where out of the clear blue this huge feather has landed 
like it had been placed perfectly so it wouldn't be missed
as i bend to pick it up, i notice a sweet scent drift by
and quickly realize honeysuckle is growing wild along the path
as i stand there breathing in their heavenly scent
i spot these yellow wildflowers waving hello wherever dappled sunlight hits the ground
and what do we have here....
a medieval castle....no....just a silhouette of a rotten tree trunk
and talking about trees
this one was shedding bark like there was no tomorrow
though, could it have possibly been a bear that had climbed it?
 let's not go there
ahh...look up ahead...the lake
standing tall beside the turquoise water are wonderful pink reeds
and nearby some mountain laurel lines the lake's edge

to continue on our walk....
hop over HERE

i want to thank Hilary @ The Smitten Image for all the companion walks she has taken us on,
 which in turn, spurred this companion walk!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Yakety~Yak....Don't Come Back

Henry found himself the perfect post to oversee his domain, one glorious afternoon

soon after...
 a little twerp decides he likes this post as well, but since Henry's a nice guy, he leaves the twerp alone

hmmft...i didn't realize HE was over there

 we'll just see about that....as the little twerp flies upward

i bet he doesn't realize i'm an ace dive-bomber

here i come, you sucka!

whoa...he' s not budging

hmmm....let me re-think this for a minute

okay..i'll swoop in from behind while he's not looking

you better get movin ....i'm coming in

you really think you scare me, you little twerp?


Henry spoke his peace and thought all was said and done

hold on...that big buffoon's not winning this easily....yakety-yak


 and take this

okay, that did it...i'm havin' you for lunch, you little twerp

and off they flew into the wild blue yonder....yakety-yak...nana na boo boo