Friday, July 29, 2011

Fab Friday!

recipients ~ feel free to grab the badge!

Since Fab Friday is relatively new,
I've been tweaking the format a bit from week to week
this week I realized I could link each Life of the Party photo to its Flickr location
so now you can leave comments directly on the photographer's Flickr page
all you have to do is click on the image ~ make sure to stop by!
and, if you are interested in the makings behind the shot, you can view the image information on Flickr
by clicking "Actions" above the Flickr image
and then clicking "View Exif Info".

to visit each photographer's blog, just click on their name below each image

there were so many stunning party images this week
so make sure to take a peek inside each of the parties for more party action!


Party Theme: Fungi
Sea Scape

Fairy Umbrellas
by Christine Young

Party Theme:  Sunrise/Sunset
Dec. 3, 2010-3
 by Debbie B.

by Lady Fi

Sunset over Arran
by Ellie

Day ends, night begins
by Barbara

Party Theme:  Birds
Male Cardinal
by Debbie B.

Pretty Blue
by Christine Young

by Beth

by Reena

thank you all for such outstanding photos this week!

next up party themes: 
Party Random: Bokeh!
Party Wildlife: Dragonflies
Party Macro:  Fungi (I'm not ready to say goodbye to this one yet!)

come party with us!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


a big heart with a comforting smile
 can show up in the most unexpected of places

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


i think when it comes to texturizing an image
i'm always dreaming
dreaming of which way to go
how do i want to alter the image
 in hopes too bring out something hidden the original doesn't reveal
so when Kim gave us prompt of "dream"
for this week's Texture Tuesday
i was drawn to this image of a shriveling Thai Tulip i had recently taken

beautiful as it was straight out of the camera
i just knew something dreamy could happen with additional texturing

so last week i added Kim's LightPaperFlowers (I think it's Kim's) and loved the outcome

but then over the weekend
 Kim sent out a new texture called "Dream"
 and I just couldn't resist dreamin' a little more....

the differences between the two are subtle since i was going for the dreamy effect
but i also played around with bolder layers and came up with some other amazing outcomes
this was an excellent image to work with!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The end to a VERY hot day....

i know us "suthnas"
are supposed to be better prepared than you "northnas" when it comes to heat
but HOT is HOT
no matter what way you slice it
and sometimes even our heat is too much to bear or is that "bare"??
cause that's what i felt like doing this past weekend
man was the heat oppressive!
yesterday we didn't even dare go out on the lake until 6PM
and to our surprise (which we really shouldn't have been)
everyone else had the same idea
so the lake was quite active for an evening cruise
i tried to take some shots of someone hydrofoiling
but unfortunately we weren't positioned correctly when they passed by
but i did manage to get a couple of shots of this guy showing off a couple of his wakeboarding moves

and this little guy jumping off a high rock into the refreshing lake water

then moving on down the lake we were greeted with this unexpected sight
apparently someone somewhere was getting some much needed rain

and then we just parked and watched the daylight draw to a close

if you have any sunsets you would like to share
join us over at PARTY RANDOM
where the current party theme is SUNRISE/SUNSET

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fab Friday!

recipients ~ feel free to grab the badge!

take a look at this week's party animals....

Life of the Party #1

Life of the Party #2

Life of the Party #3

Life of the Party #4

Life of the Party #5

Photographer:  Reena 
Blog:  Missing Moments
Camera:  Nikon d7000
Lens:  70-300mm zoom
Settings:  Auto (ISO1600 - f/5.6 - shutter 1/1000)
Software:  Aperture
Processing:  increased vibrancy and saturation 
decreased definition
Tidbits:  Reena keeps her hummingbird feeder about  10ft. from her home office
but on this particular occasion, this hummingbird chose a butterfly bush to feed on
which is even closer to her office window at about 5ft.  She was able to shoot freely
from inside while he was feasting away!  
It's amazing that she was still about to capture the rich tones and clarity through glass.
Reena attracts a menagerie of animals to her backyard
which she posts about periodically on her blog.  

Photographer: Debbie
Blog: My Journeys - Exposed
Camera: Nikon d40x
Lens: 18-55mm
Settings: ISO200 - f/4.8 - shutter 1/60 with flash
Processing: cropped, slightly sharpened, midtones darkened, applied a waterdrop edging
Tidbits: Houston has been extremely dry lately, but Debbie was determined to capture
raindrops somehow.  Luckily one evening it did rain a bit, so she ran outside afterwards and noticed
all the water beads on her car's windshield thanks to RainX.  
The flash reflected off this shot to create that magical bokeh!

Photographer: Diane
Blog: Random Thoughts Do or Di
Camera: Nikon d5000
Lens: Nikkor 55-200mm zoom
Settings:  Aperture Priority
Processing: Applied Kim Klassen's "Golden" Texture
Tidbits: Diane was visiting Olympia National Park in Washington State
and pulled off the side of the road at Hurricane Ridge when she captured this close-up
from the car of this young buck grazing.  Stunning colors and clarity!

Photographer: Ruth
Blog: R H West: Photography, Art & Inspiration
Camera: Nikon d3100
Lens: Nikkor 18-55 VR
Settings:  ISO400 - f/10 - Shutter 1/320 
Software: Photoshop CS5
Processing:  Applied Kim Klassen's "Aurora" texture
Tidbits:  this lovely flower is surprisingly not a rose, but a Lisianthus.  Ruth tends to crop most of 
her images to a square because she creates beautiful greeting cards in that shape.  She enjoys macro
photography because of the details and shapes that nature offers but people often miss.    

Photographer: Beth
Blog:  Be Yourself....Everyone Else is Taken
Camera: Pentax K10
Lens: 100mm macro
Settings:  Aperture Priority
Software:  Aperture
Processing:  just a crop and slight brightening
Tidbits: This shot was taken right after a storm when the sun was shining.  This image is basically 
straight out of the camera with only a slight tweak.  Awesome capture!

Thank you all for your fabulous photos this week!

next up party themes:
Party Wildlife:  Birds
Party Macros:  Fungi
Party Random:  Sunrise/Sunset

come party with us!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pretty Please....

mouseover to view original
now don't get too excited and expect me to do this magic trick on all my edited photos
i only did it a second day in a row to see if I could actually do it all on my own
which I'm ecstatic to find out, I did! 

doesn't this Thai Tulip remind you of a swan?
yes? no? maybe if you squint with one eye closed?

pretty please....

i'd like some ideas for new party themes at my Flickr Parties 
ones that you'd be tickled pink to attend!


just leave your suggestions below!

don't miss tomorrow's Fab Friday "Life of the Party" picks... 
they're what you would call...well...FABulous!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's all in the footwork....

applied Kim Klassen's new "SummerLovin" texture

roll your mouse over the image to see the before and after
(Geri over at My Heart Art helped me with this...well, actually she did it for me.
She's totally geeky and an awesome artist!  Thank you Geri ~ you're a doll!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coming in for a landing....

Aurora @ 75% Overlay
Gaussian Blur
Noise Reduction


come play with us
texture tuesday

Monday, July 18, 2011

Let your little light shine...

c a n d l e l i g h t

the new party theme now happening at Party Themes!