Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle

hello again, it's me!

have you wondered where the heck i've been?

on an extra long blog siesta, that's where, and i have to admit...

i liked it!

  i even considered staying there permanently,
but after quite a few requests for my return (to my surprise), 
i figured it's about time
to get my lazy ass back into clicking and posting again!

and what better time than the start of the new year
so, here i am, back in the saddle
not sure of how much i'll be riding
or what i'll be posting
but if you're interested, you can find me here
and just in case...
if i tend to slack off, just give me a kick or two!

i just hope ya'll have been better about blogging
and taking photos than I have
and i hope I can remember all the stuff
that took me months to learn. 
if not, i'll have to start re-teaching myself.

i'll fill you in on a few things that happened during my siesta, some good, some not so good
on my next post.

until then....